BEST OF NETFLIX; sick days, they may make you crazy

2016-01-11 17

Sofia and I went stir crazy yesterday, we stayed home the entire day as I was in no shape (or form) to go out, and it made us both a little crazy (in a Miley Cyrus sorta’ way, not good guys, it was quite the sight). There are only so many things you can do with a 4-year old when your brain and body are running at half speed. We played Shopkins until I could no longer handle talking for a taco anymore, we got artistic and painted until I gave into my clean and organized ways and I could no longer handle the amount of red splatter that was on the floor, and then of course we resorted to Netflix; and this is when things went south.

I handed over the controller and told Sofia she could choose what she likes with only one rule she had to follow, you may not choose a program that has a real live person it in, cartoons only. I laid there not asleep but with my eyes shut curled up feeling like hell. You don’t have to remind me of how this looks, I get it, yesterday there were absolutely no winning moments that would have me taking home a trophy of best mother of the year, but sometimes this has to happen. 

I mean really how bad could it get, giving a 4-year old free range of Netflix?!

11287378First up, Puppy Party! Bet you had no idea this even existed? Well it does and it will keep your K9 loving child amused for at least 20 minutes! At one point, my lowest point I’d say, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the bulldog who topples over himself with absolutely no recognition of the mishap when coming from his bed. Sofia say “oh my, poor lil guy, he could’ve been really hurt” while I laughed like the joker. It was bad guys, it was really bad. 


enhanced-1307-1410303668-5Next up, wait for it… we have Kitten Party! That’s right, same concept of Puppy Party but with adorable baby Kittens. I tried my hardest to keep me eyes off the screen in fear of making another jerky move in front of Sofia and I’m happy to report that was success. She easily watched that show for 20 minutes and what I got from that was not only a 10 minute power nap but a child with a new burning desire for another Kitten. FAN-TASTIC!



After our fun finding on Netflix, we turned off the TV both feeling great success in what we had discovered, steeped some tea, turned on our Bobs & LoLo CD and built puzzles; every single puzzle we own, twice. For those that are at all curious, that was 13 puzzles done 26 times. It took us to dinner where we ate simply and concluded our night with a little yoga, Cosmic Kids Yoga. Tomorrow is a new day, and although my plans are to be on the mend and feeling much better (using maybe only half a box of lotion Kleenex) I don’t doubt we will ask for either one of these Netflix shows over a meal, and I will oblige in hopes to make up for my blunder in laughing that that poor little pup!




We’re so thrilled to be apart of Netflix’s Stream Team, bringing you fun content for the site partnered with Netflix Canada over the course of the year. Stay Tuned!



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  1. Love that Sof found two animal shows. I’m going to have to show these to my daughter.

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