BEST OF NETFLIX; Unexpected Night Off


You know when you unexpectedly get a night off, you child skips off to your parents place for a sleep over leaving you and your husband with a childless day and night? No? Me neither… until a few weekends ago.

We very rarely ship Sofia off to her Nana and Papa’s house not because she doesn’t want to or that they don’t want it (both parties love it) but because we just really enjoy spending the time with Sofia as a family of 3. Our weekends are the only real time that we get to spend together as Sammy works shift work, we utilize our weekends the best way we can with fun planned outings and time together with friends big and small. We should probably do it more though, send Sofia off on sleepovers, as she really does have so much fun with my parents and she builds a sense of comfort and trust in staying overnight without us around. Back to the story….

Sofia got wind that her cousin was heading over to Nana and Papa’s house for a sleepover and that’s when it happened. She asked, I made the call, Nana obviously agreed excitedly and then we were childless for a whole 24 hours. It literally came that fast, so you can image how ill-prepared we were for the free night; Sammy headed straight to home depot and I went Grocery Shopping. Ha! Not what you were thinking now was it?! For us it feels so good to get things done around the house and we knew that we had a quiet night ahead so might as well make the most of the free afternoon and do all the errands that we hate dragging Sofia to do. 

Blended_Drew-Barrymore_Adam-Sandler_South-Africa_2014I planned an amazing dinner, aka a meal Sofia would turn her nose up at, and the plans for the night were “too many snacks with just enough Netflix“, cuz we’re crazy like that. It was a late dinner after Sammy had finished up outside and we curled up to a rom-com because of course. Sammy and I have a personal love for all Adam Sandler Movies and it seems to be our go-to when there is nothing on TV. We laughed, I cried, we snacked way more than we probably should’ve, the night was beyond perfect. We both woke up wanting to hear Sofia’s voice and gave her a call first thing (and by first thing I mean after an 8am sleep-in). We arranged the time we would come and pick her up and head off for a fun planned playdate with some of our favorite people. #WINWIN


An unexpected night off, with zero time to plan, and checking things off the to do lists, an excessive amount of snacks and Netflix came through in a BIG WAY for us! Parenthood is a funny thing, don’t you agree?


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  1. Oh kidless nights are a rare thing in our house too! So great to hear you two took good advantage! Thats one thing I love about Netflix, you don’t have to plan anything. Dinner, snacks and Netflix sounds like THE perfect date night! Thanks for sharing.

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