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It’s no surprise that Sofia and I love our music (Need proof? #SofiaMarieSings via Instagram). When we were asked if we wanted to check out the new Bobs & LoLo album, Dirty Feet, our answer was one that came easy, flowed right off our tongues. YAS!

ALBUM D11262370_10154389725494572_5856757131086214516_nETAILS: Dirty Feet is available for purchase on July 31st, digitally at iTunesat the Bobs & LoLo webstore or in-store at HMV. Did you know Bobs & LoLo are currently touring North America? Listen to these catchy tracks in person and find out more information on locations and dates here.

We received the album and got right to business; listening, singing, and of course dancing (have I mentioned how much we love our jobs?). Right out the gate our favorites were I See, Run Salmon Run, Dirty Feet and Hoot & Hop, which later on in the day increase to the other 11 tracks on the album. Seriously, they’re all ridiculously catchy, such feel good fun songs that teach kids to care and respect themselves, their neighbors and the planet.

One of our favorite songs, I See, had us wondering what we might see ourselves if we were to spend the afternoon lazing around cloud gazing (every mamas’ dream right there, am I right?); so out we wen’t. It didn’t take more than a few moments to get our first visual, a salmon running away from a cloud. Okay! So maybe we had track 8 on repeat. Do you blame us though? Then it happened, Sofia mentioned she wished she could “takes a pictures of the creature clouds to put on her wall”, and then my mind began to work. With this unintentional request I got right to work, made 3 cloud images that she could draw on any day of the week, including the days that the skies were grey. Sofia approves, I win at motherhood today, and that’s good enough for me.


{Download your free printables here: one, two, three}

IMG_1495-1 IMG_1498-1 IMG_1517-1

So let me tell you what we have here for you today, a silly genie, a dinosaur licking his face, and a hairy polar bear. Who knows, maybe we could give Bobs & LoLo some good material for their next album? What do you get when you cross a genie, a dinosaur, and a polar bear? Inspiration for the next awesome track, that’s what!

For those parents looking to find music that the whole family can move to and enjoy, we’re putting our word behind the Bobs & LoLo Album Dirty Feet. It’s fun, educational, heart warming and Sofia and I totally approve this message, including this sweet giveaway!!! Anyone wan’t to WIN the Dirty Feet album? Now’s your chance!

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*Giveaway is open to all Canadian residents, excluding Quebec*

Disclosure:: I am part of the Bobs & LoLo Campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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