Car Shopping; can something be hated that much?

I would rather eat sushi than go through the process of buying a new car!
(for anyone that knows me, knows that right there, that’s a pretty bold statement)


The whole process plays with me; my stress levels, my emotions, my decision making skills, they all get tested to the utmost and I can’t stand it.

Not sure if you heard, but we’re looking to buy a new vehicle. Oh! but not just any old vehicle, OH NO! a planning on keeping it for 10+ years so it better be amazing family vehicle. You know the type right? YOU GUYS! The pressure is killing me, making the right decision seems so much like a corn maze; is their only one right path?

With so much at stake from the safety of my family, to the long-term commitment, to money invested… I’m feeling so torn. I mean, if all the after dinner dealer hopping with over-tired children who just want ice cream doesn’t do me in, the filter-less car salesmen will, I’m certain of this.
>>no word of a lie we had a salesman greet us with a “so what base model are you after?” (hit think link and check out all the car salesman stories that trump mine)

Here is the predicament we’re in peeps, HELP PLEASE

We’re flip-flopping in our minds between a few favorites, all for very different reasons. Do we go with a vehicle from a mid-line brand taking what our budget will allow, which is a bit up from the base model with a few added fancy features, or do we go with a still reputable but more affordably perceived brand and their vehicle which is at the top of it’s line, all the bells and whistles plus more than we thought we could afford AND it includes oil-changes and car cleaning for life?

You guys, I’m sure this is some form of torture. I’m telling you, this decision is not an easy one! 

I would love some insight, some guidance, a voice of reason, even a little hand holding if you’re into that… anything to make this less painful.



Would you buy the mid-line brand with a few bells and whistles, or would you go with the more affordable brand with all the bells and whistles (yes! that includes a panoramic sunroof) including oil changes and car cleaning for life?  I would love to hear what you think…. pop back to our Facebook post here and comment letting me know what you would do! HELP A SISTA’ OUT WILL YA!


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  1. lol loved the story.. and go for oil-changes and car cleaning for life!

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