FIVE THINGS {Back-To-School with Zulily}

The five back-to-school pieces I’m crushing over at zulily: 1. need I explain, sofia and i both need this tee; it only makes sense we both get one {$13.06; buy here} 2. these are just too much. leopard in our home is a neutral, and these are a must {$15.67; buy here} 3. this lunch kit is beyond sweet, fully insulated and a spot for utensils; sweet {$16.98; buy here} 4. when i think of school, i think of collared shirts and cardigans. and this one is adorable {$49.65; buy here} 5. these sweet images are just the perfect size to frame up and put in the babes play room {$5.21 each/$28.74 […]

FIVE THINGS {genius ikea hacks}

The five ikea hacks that are slightly genius, and have me wishing i used my right-side brain more: 1. for real? an ikea skirt; i’m slightly obsessed and envious. just slightly {see tutorial here} 2. a bedside table that chic will fool anyone into thinking you visited pottery barn and not ikea {see tutorial here} 3. if only dolls butts were made of steel, then i could put this to good use {see tutorial here} 4. another genius move, i needed this in my life 10 times over {see tutorial here} 5. the most genius of all, a play kitchen from a chair. this is work of a modern albert einstein imo {see tutorial here} Do you know of any genius hacks […]

FIVE THINGS {100 days of dukan}

The five recipes and snacks that have gotten me through 100 days on the dukan diet: 1. a marinade that works on steak, to pork chops and chicken wings, i’m telling you this marinade recipes is a must for anyone on the dukan diet or not. it’s easy to make, only has 5 ingredients that you probably already have on-hand, and it keeps so you can make it in advance  {recipe here} 2. dukan diet boxed vanilla cupcakes; because honestly who has the time to find all the ingredients dukan’ers can have. this box-mix makes it easy, and yummy to have a snack or breakfast on the run. and don’t forget, use […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link up}

The five free printables that have me thankful I have a home printer this week: 1. because we are so fancy, including sofia {free printable here} 2. cupcake push pop; you had me at hello {free printable here} 3. having an upcoming wedding with kidlets in attendance? you’re welcome {free printable here} 4. whomever sends me pretty mail, is a good person in my books {free printable here} 5. a birthday card that cuts to the chase {free printable here} Now, it’s your turn. Link-up below following the few rules we do have: 1. Five Things link up is posted every Thursday at Midnight EST. Share any five things that are on your mind right now. Whether it’s something you are obsessing with on Pinterest, a […]

Five Things {Weekly Link Up}

The five instagram images that make me smile this week: 1. sofia is always one up for a mini shoot, anywhere and everywhere, including this one at the side of a building. i swear one day this kid is going to call me out and be like “seriously mum, enough is enough!” {see it here} 2. and i wonder why this cat can lose his cool in 2.5 seconds. lego santa hate + olly man = sofia was here {see it here} 3. we picked onions, and we took photos, and of course sofia made this face. it’s what she does, and I love it {see it here} 4. whom ever said […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five kickstarter campaigns you must know about: 1. a school glue that’s non-toxic made from environmental waste. keeping it out of our landfill and into our childrens art. genius. a recycled, non-toxic, vegan, made in North America glue; for the 21st century and the next generation to come. {backup nine lives products kickstart campaign} 2. a beautifully made childrens book that brings art, creatively, and children of color together. filling a gap in the market that we all know is there. {backup kiley’s purple hat kickstart campaign} //  tip: add $10 to you pledge for shipping to canada 3. beautiful technology is not always two words that go hand in hand. […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five ensembles I wish I could pull off as flawlessly as my daughter: 1. crop top, tutu, and plastic shoes. do you know how much this would open up my wardrobe; being able to create combinations only the crazy could pull off, would not only do a lot for options but also my fear of not looking approachable. 2. joggers, fairy costume, and a jacket with bunny ears. if people could actually take me seriously in an outfit like this, who knows what i could do; run for mayor of toronto maybe, i hear the position is open. 3. cat ears, and an umbrella. i mean i could probably swing […]

Five Things {weekly link-up}

The five shoes I’m currently crushing on from Tory Burch: 1. because everyone needs a basic flat in a neutral, right? as a mother, shoes that make an outfit all that it is, and in the comfort of a casual flat make for getting ready and looking the part, pretty freaking awesome. {link to buy} 2. can’t get enough of a good patent wedge, they steal a bit of my heart. but when it has an adorable bow that draw attention to your sexy toe cleavage, i’m all over that. {link to buy} 3. if you look up the definition of casual chic, you will find a picture of these shoes. must own. {link […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five things you may not actually know about bra’s: 1. it’s actually a pretty bad statistic ladies. a bra can honestly change your entire figure; do yourself some justice and be properly fitted for a bra. your boobs will thank you. 2. wow. enough of us look for help, but apparently we don’t always find it {see statistic above}. so promise me the next thing you are going to do is right now is contact to find out when the next bra fitting clinic is at your local hudson bay. okay? 3. guilty as charged. who’s with me? 4. i agree. however i’m one of the lucky ones where changing them […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five things you may not know about me: 1. before little miss mama, i wrote a blog all about tea. i reviewed tea from around the world and posted my tea notes, similar to that written in a diary of a tea obsessed school girl. it was an outlet to share my passion for sipping, then sofia was born and i’m lucky if i get a cup throughout the day. she is however worth every missed sip. 2. my nana has tried to teach me to knit 3 times now; with the last time being over the winter holidays. pretty sure she thinks i’m a lost cause, but of […]