EASY HOMEMADE {toddler approved} POPSICLES

The other afternoon Sofia and I were craving a day of crafts, baking, or anything that got out hands dirty, mouths smiling, and tummys happy. It’s not until we stept outside did I realize staying in where there was ac was not only the best idea but safest option too. Off to the dollar store to pick up a few things for our afternoon in the kitchen; dixie cups, and wooden popsicle sticks. INGREDIENTS    Frozen Fruit :: Vanilla Ice Cream :: Milk :: Honey SUPPLIES    Dixie Cups :: Popsicle Sticks Arriving home, we dug into the freezer and found three of Sofia’s favorite fruits, pineapple, […]

RECIPE: Healthy’ish Cheesecake {dukan friendly}

Cheesecake, while on a diet. Wait! What? From one cheesecake lover to another, I give you a cheesecake you can eat minus the guilt. Almost. I wouldn’t suggest you eat it everyday but I would recommend you make a batch and treat yourself this weekend, or the next late night TV session you have planned. So I was on the hunt for something sweet this past week, something that I could savor and enjoy without the lasting guilt of a slice of devils food cake or a krispy cream donut. AND , I found it, a low fat cheesecake that taste like store bought; which we all […]

BAKE-OFF: Best Buttermilk Pancakes

Who doesn’t like a fluffy, rich, golden pancake bright and early? Stuff it with your favorite fruit, lather it in liquid sugar and jump right in; these things are what have me jumping out of bed at the ungodly hour Sofia thinks the morning is. As I know all you came here was for the recipe, I’ll get right to it, as I doubt you even got to the point to read. Am I right? Right? That’s what I thought, I’m all alone here typing for absolutely nobody! #onlyhalfkidding What started as a fun little bake-off have produced MANY amazing dishes that you can all try, in […]

BAKE-OFF: Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Rice Krispie treats are somewhat nostalgic for me. Reminds me of my childhood and oh how totally awesome my mum was for always making the coolest Rice Krispie balls. My mum didn’t make the traditional squares, oh no, not my mum, she was the pioneer of pinterest, she didn’t need inspiration to make the next treat-trend, she oozed fun ideas. I swear she was the first one to come up with stuffing Rice Krispie Balls; from gummy worms and jube-jubes to anything she could get her hands on, possibilities were endless. These memories are good ones, sweet ones, ones I will never forget. So by now you should be […]

RECIPE: homemade graham crackers

This statement is really quite bold, better than store bought, but I stand behind it whole-heartedly. These little sweet golden gems are better than any graham crackers that money can conveniently buy; just ask Sofia! Snagged the recipe after seeing it on ‘the first year cooking and creating‘, seriously Beth is a genius in the kitchen, I’m sure she is brilliant in other area’s too, but seriously when it comes to the kitchen, she owns it! Thank you Beth for reminding me that homemade is far better than store bought, by a long shot; and can you say custom. Make them how you wish, soft and chewy or […]

BAKE-OFF Pasta Alfredo

Would you believe my husband is Italian and we rarely eat pasta in this house. Honestly. Not because we don’t both love it, I mean who doesn’t love pasta, other than those who are celiac, or play celiac, or who are following the Wheat Belly lifestyle, or those who choose their bikini over their cover-up. Either way you play it peeps it’s strange that we don’t make pasta more often in our house as we both thoroughly enjoy a big’ol bowl of starch. When my buddy Hillary came up with doing Chef Michael Smith’s Fetticcini Alfredo as our next bake-off, I couldn’t be more pumped. Not just […]

BAKING: Banana Nutella Muffins

I teased you all with some images on our instagram feed Monday as we baked these ooey gooey delights, it’s only right I come through with the recipe — and in a timely manner of course, 48 hours, I think that’s petty good, no?! You see, we’ve spent many-oh-days at my parents house over the last 5 weeks with only one thing in mind, DIRTY LAUNDRY. Since starting our renovations we’ve been without our washer and dryer and every mother knows that laundry with a babe accumulates quickly. I hit my mama and papa up for their laundry services at least once a week but more than […]

BAKING: Heart-Shaped Buns

Seriously, if someone told me for the rest of my life I would be baking in the kitchen alongside this kid, I would be pleased as punch. happy as a clam. as happy as a pig in…. okay you get the idea. I love cooking with my baby girl. She is so very helpful and it fills my heart to see her feeling so proud of her finished product. It’s just so exciting to bring the babes into the kitchen with us, I think it can only be a good thing. A messy thing yes, but also a very good thing importantly. I have such fond memories, […]

BAKE-OFF: Snack Mix

We’re back at it people, it’s 2014 and we have tackled yet another bake-off. Once again I have taken one for the team with a Snack Mix that will not only put you in a coma I am sure of it, but it will be the perfect mix to make for this upcoming Sunday football game I am hearing so much hype about. What is it anyways, seriously people it JUST a football game {only half kidding}.  Anyways, this dish will not only please the super-bowler in everyone, but also the toddlers who are getting dragged along into the game. Hey — this could be some good […]

RECIPES: Banana Raisin Muffins for baby

I feel as thought I’m always on the hunt for the perfect muffin recipe. What’s perfect you say? Well, it should be somewhat healthy since it’s a morning dish in our house, it should look delicious — dessert like, and finally able to make in small batches as we don’t eat them fast #pickyeatermomproblems Guess what? I found it! I made a few adjustments to a Banana Cranberry Bread recipe I found on one of my favorite sites, Skinnytaste. Made a few personal changes, cut the recipe in half, and made them into muffins. You’re now left with the best Banana Raisin Muffins for your babes. Rather […]