#LMMSELFLOVE: Finding your Unicorn Bra

  Can I tell you something? Can you believe I’ve never owned a properly fitted bra? For the past…. Hmmmm for number sake let’s say 20 years, I’ve gone about life, wearing a bra I assumed was my size, and just like the rest of you, upon calling it a day it was the first thing I flung off; because OH GAWD was it uncomfortable.  Over the last few months I’ve been tackling a PRETTY SENSITIVE but rather important subject; self love. Trying to get down to the bottom of why I find it so damn difficult to love myself as is. Breaking down and pushing aside the stereotypes […]

Loving yourself; why is it so hard?

Things for me, that are difficult (borderline impossible); keeping the car clean with 2 kids freshly painted nails chip-free after 48 hours not worrying about what others think of me, in every aspect of life losing at board games stopping myself from eating all-the-sour-keys loving myself  Pretty sure 1 through 5 are explainable, but why is it SO DAMN HARD to love yourself? Please someone tell, it’s a legitimate question I’m asking here! Why do people (myself included) struggle so much with something that should be the easiest, something that should come naturally, I mean we’ve gotten ourselves through many years of life, why doesn’t this impress us enough […]

3 reasons why it’s a bad idea to skip your baby’s bath

You know that glass of wine you reward yourself with when you cross that “bedtime routine” finish line each night? That first celebratory sip that brings all sorts of feel good emotions to your ever so depleted and exhausted body… yah! That for you, is a bath for your baby. Now don’t go beating yourself up about it, there is no need to add to your mom guilt and feel bad about depriving your child of their wine each night, just start the routine now. >> In the case that my BABY LIQUOR THEORY didn’t convince you (hard to believe), I came prepared, here are 3 good reasons why you should be bathing […]

$4 Skin Hack for Perfect Skin {beauty}

It was just one of those days that I decided I needed the help. Walking into Shoppers, sweats on, hair up, skin naked, doing the car seat arm curl, browsing down the ever so daunting cosmetics aisle. Perfect skin was all that was on my mind, and while normally, I’d browse the aisle for far too long, consider a bunch of new foundations claiming greatness but eventually finding myself right back at square one, in front of the CoverGirl section reaching for a bottle of “old faithful”. But this time was different… I bravely stepped out of my comfort zone and for the first time ever I approached a beauty […]

FASHION: LYST is your new shopping buddy

What do you get when you cross a fashion obsessed woman 3 weeks postpartum, who find herself stuck inside most days due to c-section recovery? You get a lyst-addict, that’s what.  I was introduced to lyst as the Pinterest of shopping websites (well then, hello newest obsession!). Where you can save items to a personal board and keep a close eye on them for when, you know… WHEN THEY GO ON SALE! No word of a lie people, this exists. Lyst allows you to save items on a virtual board that you can re-visit again and again and again (as you do). You will be notified of stock alerts, […]

SKINCARE: A Change In The Routine

Changes in my life, big or small, always take a toll on my skin, and 90% of the time a change in skincare routine fixes the problem. I’m luckily unlucky that even though my skin is very sensitive I have had great luck in finding products that work for me, that are easy to get. Aveeno has sorta been my go-to skincare line over the last 7 or 8 months and both my skin and me have loved every moment of it.  This pregnancy has brought on a little bit of acne, just on my face and in all the same areas, the chin. I know that reading deeper into […]

DIY: Pumpkin Spice WHAT?!

I’ve heard and seen some of the most wildest do-it-yourself projects, like turning crafting pom-poms into a rug or taking an old shoe box and turning it into a smartphone projector. I mean thanks to Pinterest, we’ve been able to share our ingenious ideas with those around the world that are wild enough to try it. And this is why I love the internet so much, connecting like minded people from all around the globe over toilet paper roll craft ideas. The season is upon us where leaves start to turn color and fall from the trees, that and everyday products get an upgrade into Pumpkin Spice versions […]

BEAUTY: figuring it out at 32

Sun spots and signs of wrinkles have been making an appearance in my life, and it’s actually sorta’ funny. It only took me 32 years to realize I didn’t carry the same genes as Cindy Crawford. At 32 I finally realized that the age defying super power I once thought I held, doesn’t belong to me . Now starts the game of graceful aging; wanna play? In the blogging world I can create opportunities to try nearly anything. But when it comes to my skincare I’m extremely selective in who I approach and what offers I accept. I’m not one to put it all on the black jack table, and […]

HOW TO: Applying Lip Gloss At Three

Sofia is at the age now where she totally understands this “blogging” thing. She knows “I writes words on my laptop” and then I “putz it on the computer for the peoplez to read”. So when I told her that I was going to need her help for a post that involved Lip Smacker’s she said “don’t worriez mama, I can dooz this okay!? I’ll show the peoplez how to put the lip balmz on, okay?!” And so here we have it, a post driven by my 3 year old on teaching all of you “peoplez of the computer” how to apply your lip gloss, with step by step […]

FASHION: #RockTheCrop Movement

I posted this to Facebook the other day but felt like it needed far more attention that just a social media rant share. You guys! Can you believe it? Body shaming is still something that goes on in 2015? People still feel the need to judge others choice of clothing solely based on their body type. I’m mean it’s like we’re all in elementary school and our parents still have control over our wardrobes and just how much skin is appropriate. Why is this still happening? And of all people, why did Oprah let this happen in the pages of her magazine? Q: Can I pull of a crop top? A: […]