BEAUTY: Derma MD Giveaway

Beauty is about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Said by many, I’m sure including your inner voice, and this my friends is why I find a skincare routine so important. And if the importance doesn’t quite strike you, I have another tactic you’re welcome to try, buy white sheets. I promise it will only take a short while until you wake up to the impression of your face on your crisp white pillow case to change your ways! Guess who tried a new skincare line? >> THIS GIRL! And guess who is loving her skin again? >> THIS GIRL! And guess who’s hosting a […]

LIFESTYLE: Gadget Goodness; The Micro Pedi

Just a few weeks back I got my hands on a new gadget for your feet. Why does this make me happy? Two reasons; I’m a sucker for gadgets and I strive for smooth and healthy feet all year round. I’m talkin’ bout fresh from the spa silky smooth feet and heels, the ones that have no place in a sock and at night get rubbed up on your mans leg just to silently prove there beauty. Ha! I can’t be alone on this one, am I? I’ve now used the Micro Pedi for 2 weeks one end and the difference is crazy. It’s really one of those […]

FIVE THINGS: Playing with Makeup

Experiments are fun, especially when they’re not on you. This week I’m going to test out five Clarins products that have really peeked my interest, they step up my everyday look in a way that I feel I can still manage {with a toddler attached to my leg} and afford; which in my beauty-books is a win win. Here it goes, wish me luck. The five clarins products I’m putting to the test this week: 1. blush prodige; sweet rose {here} 2. mascara; intense black {here} 3. lip balm perfector; rose {here} 4. brush-on perfector {here} 5. eye palette; garden escape {here} WHAT ARE your go-to pieces that makeup your everyday look? Stick around, we […]

THE ONLY Hair Routine {for curls}

It’s been 2 months since I made a major change in my hair routine and the once curly-haired-game I played is over, this new routine is a life changer. Let me break it down for you, it’s actually really quite simple: 1. remove all shampoos from not only your bathtub ledge, but your vocab; that’s right stop talking about them 2. use only plant derived cleansers and conditioners {sulfate and paraben free}; i chose live clean professionals 3. use a chemical and alcohol-free gel diluted with water; i chose fantasia’s hair polishing styling gel 4. remove all hair brushing apparatuses, god gave you hands, so use ’em […]

doTERRA Essential Oils +GIVEAWAY

I am by no means a connoisseur of essential oils, in fact, I would call myself the newest of newbies. I have always been intrigued by the thought of using essential oils both in my home, and into my family’s lives and daily routine but have always had too much on my plate to give it the attention I feel it needs, and deserves. A great friend of mine Jen, who also blogs {mama. papa. bubba}, is an avid daily user of essential oils. She recently shared her views on her 15 favorite uses for essential oils on the Moments in Mommyland blog and this is what really tipped […]

BEAUTY: MUST-HAVE Eyeshadows for Winter

  I confess. I never wear eyeshadow. It scares me to say the least. Foundation, I can do, blush and mascara I’m great at, I’ve even learnt to perfect lipstick, but eyeshadow frightens me to no end. I will learn, for 2015, this will be a beauty goal of mine. Learn and perfect eyeshadow. For those of you who love playing with the shadow palette here is the must have eyeshadows for the winter: My favourite eye shadow colours for winter can be found in the new makeup line by celebrity makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury. I simply love her Luxury Palette in “The Dulce Vita“. The colours […]

BEAUTY: Best Winter Lip

I wouldn’t say I’m a lipstick newbie, as I have been wearing it faithfully now this entire year, but when it comes to these four ladies that probably wear lipstick to bed, I’d say I have a but to learn. I asked them about their favorite colors for winter and as always they dished the goods. Looking for something new to wow your reflection? Check out their suggestions…   Recommending one favorite lipstick colour is tricky because we all have different colouring and styles although In terms of current  trends, a more bold and colourful lip is where it’s at. This winter, I’m noticing lots of oxblood/ deep […]

BEAUTY: Foundation Perfection {Part 4}

You may have all the tips you need to find the BEST foundation {thanks to our Beauty Bust! teams previous features}, but if you don’t know how to find a shade that works best for you, then the tips are wasted ones. Am I right?  Today, to conclude our flawless foundation 4 part series, the pros’ behind Beauty Bust! Jayna, Jen, L’nielle, and Jade share with us how to find the absolute perfect shade of foundation for your skin. So without further ado, here are your pro-tips in finding your perfect shade of foundation. When testing different shades, be sure to let them sit on your skin […]

REVIEW: KeraFiber

My story on why I tried KeraFiber: Like many mothers’ I went through a point in my pregnancy where a rather ridiculous complaint came out of my mouth {that totally never happens when you’re pregnant, always in a sain mind frame, right?}, I complained about having too much hair. From the multivitamin I had been taking since before baby was even conceived, to the increase in hormone levels, to say the least I was a hair making machine. Putting my hair up in a pony-tail was a two-man-job, I couldn’t even loop it around once people! This is just how thick my hair had gotten. Now fast […]

BEAUTY: Primer or no Primer {Part 3}

Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out when you skip the primer? I know I have, and with all the affordable options out there I have no doubt come very close to buying some. Well, today’s’ your lucky day, wonder no more, I asked the BEAUTY BUST! team to help us answer the million dollar question, primer or no primer, and they came through in the largest way. Their thoughts, suggestions and of course affordable options if you so choose to hop on the primer bandwagon with me! I’m all about prepping the skin properly to assure a more beautiful, long-lasting makeup. I don’t, however, agree with […]