Celeb Look for Less

        I rarely, and by rarely I mean never, look to Miss Spears for Fashion Inspiration. However since her debut on the X-Factor I have noticed a more refined and classy Brittany. Which means she may be able to share her closet with me one day. One day… If she’s a good girl and doesn’t use a form of rain protection as a weapon. I’m just sayin’….She really has cleaned up her act, appearance and whole life by the looks of it. At least that’s the picture we are being painted. Tell me lovelies, are you digging Britney Spears and her looks on the X-Factor recently. How […]

Celeb Look for Less

                Some of you may have heard the News Flash on Little Miss Mama last weekend, those of you who didn’t…. Y U NO FANS ON FACEBOOK? Sorry, I don’t really think their is ever a “good time” for a Meme, I thought I’d give it all I had. I have a serious girl crush on the ever so gorgeous and oh so inspiring Demi Lovato. Here is another News Flash for you…. I feel the desire to go to Demi more so than Kim Kardashian for Fashion Inspiration. #CrazyEh?! Who would have ever thought? Today’s Look for Less is more […]

Celebrity Look for Less

                          I always find myself looking at Miss Kardashian when it comes to trends and fashion statements I like. She always seems to pull off a polished look even on a lazy Sunday. As a mother, these looks are so important, accessories are what’s going to set up your look and its small and simple details like a statement scarf that will have you looking chic even on the worst of days. Today’s Celebrity Look for Less is one I see myself sporting the chilly seasons fast approaching. The quilted boot, wool blazer and of course a […]

Look for Less: Mary J. Blige

LOVE IT? BUY IT!          Mary J is not normally one that I look to for Fashion Inspiration. Not that she’s not Fashionable or Lovely for that matter, but she just isn’t one that stands out to me as a Fashion Icon. However having said that, the outfit she chose to strut in on her way to BBC Radio 1 Studios was one I could see myself in. Not afraid of color, Mary J makes her Orange Blazer worthy of a pairing with an Hermes Belt that probably cost her, her first born, rightfully so.  This outfit, to me, screams Summer…. well that and Ice Cream! So many yummy […]

Look for Less: Paris Hilton

SHOP THIS LOOK:            Paris was spotted in Nice, France Airport on May 26th wearing an ensemble that we are not quite used to seeing Miss Hilton in. Far less “look at me… I’m Paris Hilton… I made a sex video and pretend that I’m ashamed” of an outfit, one that I would actually consider being inspired from. An ensemble that scream casual chic. Wouldn’t you agree? I believe it’s the Hat and Glasses that really bring the Chic to the outfit, it just goes to show how accessories can take you from grocery shopping to red carpet. I will swear by this. An outfit isn’t complete […]

Look for Less: Lauren Conrad

       I won’t lie, I am not much of a fan of Miss Conrad. Not for negative reasons but because I just never watched “The Hills” or really paid much attention to anything else she is getting herself into. However after more of her street style, I have to say, Lauren Conrad makes chic look so natural and easy. This ensemble she wore is a tad bit old, as in an old red carpet appearance. None the less it’s effortlessly chic. Loving the Army Green, and the way she has chosen to pair the shorts, not too tight, a high wait and a material that […]

Look For Less: Katie Holmes

Even though she is married to a man that’s a “little” off his rocker, she is still the sweet, innocent girl from Dawson’s Creek to me. Although it looks very thrown together, it all works in my mind. A casual, adorable, grown up ensemble, wouldn’t you agree?  This outfit maybe worth a little more than most of my Celeb Looks for Less, however seeings as my entire outfit still costs less than Katie’s pants,  I still think I win. PS: Just noticed a uber cite Jean Shirt from Lucky on sale from $80 to $30 at HauteLook. Need an invite to shop there? It’ your lucky day – […]

Look for Less: Taylor Swift

Although I am not much of a fan of Taylor Swift’s Music… or choice in Men…. or Lyrical Drama… I am a fan of this outfit. Sporting this Nautical number while shopping in Beverly Hills, she pairs is so well with a red kitten heel {smart girl, who wants sore feet when they are shopping}, and a messenger bag. With her original outfit costing just over $700, I think our look for $147 will be just peachy thanks. Tell me… this season are you as crushed over the wide stripe as I am?PS: You lusting over her original look and don’t mind spending the money? Don’t worry I […]

Look for Less: Kim Kardashian

Whether your a fan of the Kardashian Crew or not you must respect her style. She almost always looks her very best and she inspires us each and everyday with something fabulous that she combines. No different than any other ensemble, this bold navy and mustard Dress made me want to put something together myself that turns heads. With a Dress really so simply chic, its the accessories that she plays with which takes the outfit to the next level. Kim Kardashian, in my eyes, does style so well! If your not going to congratulate her for making a name for herself out of nothing, or even pulling off […]