BAKE-OFF Pasta Alfredo

Would you believe my husband is Italian and we rarely eat pasta in this house. Honestly. Not because we don’t both love it, I mean who doesn’t love pasta, other than those who are celiac, or play celiac, or who are following the Wheat Belly lifestyle, or those who choose their bikini over their cover-up. Either way you play it peeps it’s strange that we don’t make pasta more often in our house as we both thoroughly enjoy a big’ol bowl of starch. When my buddy Hillary came up with doing Chef Michael Smith’s Fetticcini Alfredo as our next bake-off, I couldn’t be more pumped. Not just […]

BAKE-OFF: Snack Mix

We’re back at it people, it’s 2014 and we have tackled yet another bake-off. Once again I have taken one for the team with a Snack Mix that will not only put you in a coma I am sure of it, but it will be the perfect mix to make for this upcoming Sunday football game I am hearing so much hype about. What is it anyways, seriously people it JUST a football game {only half kidding}.  Anyways, this dish will not only please the super-bowler in everyone, but also the toddlers who are getting dragged along into the game. Hey — this could be some good […]

Family: new morning breakfast routine

Some of you may have heard, Sofia and I have restructured our mornings. Not like you maybe thinking, nothing detrimental to our sleep routine or anything, I’m talking morning eats. Sofia is the definition of picky eater, the apple doesn’t fall far — hooray for her inheriting my worst traits — and damn you what goes around comes around. Our mornings used to consist of either cheerios, toast, apple sauce, cranberries, yogurt or french toast, this is about as far as we could push her taste buds, and by taste buds I mean her sense of control. Until just recently Sofia began to ask for a morning […]

RECIPES: Banana Raisin Muffins for baby

I feel as thought I’m always on the hunt for the perfect muffin recipe. What’s perfect you say? Well, it should be somewhat healthy since it’s a morning dish in our house, it should look delicious — dessert like, and finally able to make in small batches as we don’t eat them fast #pickyeatermomproblems Guess what? I found it! I made a few adjustments to a Banana Cranberry Bread recipe I found on one of my favorite sites, Skinnytaste. Made a few personal changes, cut the recipe in half, and made them into muffins. You’re now left with the best Banana Raisin Muffins for your babes. Rather […]

BAKE-OFF: Traditional Cheeseball

We’re at it again my friends. The bake-off continues this month, however this time we went from something sweet and decadent {last month was Paula Deen’s Apple Strudel}, to something creamy and savory. A traditional cheeseball; and can you believe this was my very first time ever having made or even tasted one. Pretty sure I have broken a law somewhere, take me to jail, I swear this is really a sin. So easy to make, so beautiful to look at and so damn tasty to eat! So without further ado, I give you three versions of the traditional Cheeseball, including recipes. Starting with mine which is […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie

1. you never know when the queen is going to pop by; at least you’ll have popcorn // Price: $5 // Purchase here 2. waiting for popsicles to freeze is so last year // Price: $50 // Purchase here 3. giving the gift of time, stressfree meals, and a savings on their shopping bills // Price: $8 a month // Purchase here 4. a baker will never have to hold their breath again on their guests first bite // Price: $22 // Purchase here 5. who ever liked the cones anyways; they were really just the vessel to our mouths // Price: $22 // Purchase here 6. seriously, need I explain. these […]

BAKE-OFF: Paula Deen’s Apple Strudel

So….. my friends Hillary, Jen and I just love to bake and we thought it’d be fun to see what happens when we all took one recipe and approached it in three different ways. You see Hillary, she likes to play with ingredients, trying to find healthy’ish alternatives to a rather standard ingredients. Jen on the other hand likes to take it even a step further and finds substituting for healthy ingredients a game if you will. Then there is me *insert awkward pause*. With one of my favorite combos since childhood as butter and sugar whipped together. Horrible. I know. So as you could imagine, I’ll […]

RECIPE: Soft Pretzels & Cheese Dip

I’m from Canada, which really means 3 things. 1. I say ‘eh where one would likely write a question mark 2. I may overuse the words, please, thank you and “oh no really you first” 3. I watch hockey Hockey is a big part of our lives, and in this house hold we only cheers for one team, the Vancouver Canucks. Some of our house members however have a bandwagon pass that allows them to hop-on and hop-off as they please. I won’t name any names, but I will say that Sofia and I keep our seat belts buckled the entire season. I love Hockey Night in […]

RECIPE: Healthy Puff-io Squares

  As you are all well aware, we are a family of snackers. We love to pack our fun filled days with just as many deliciously fun things to eat. That, and the fact that if we don’t, Sofia Marie will not eat. Everything much be made fun, and resemble something we have already approved of. I stumbled across a chocolaty snack that was put out there by Jen, the genius behind the blog Mama. Papa. Bubba., I made a few adjustments to ensure Sofia would sink her teeth in without any coaxing. Adding Cheerios to the Kamut Puff ratio gave her some reassurance that at least […]

RECIPE: Meatball Soup by Deceptively Delicious

I know I am not the only one with a child who asks for chicken strips and fries at 4pm each and everyday. It’s funny how a picky eater will almost always approve of this chicken dish. Chicken, rolled in breading, served with a side of potato rolled in flour to coat. Dipping sauce of course must come with this fancy dish. Ketchup almost always taking home the win, day in, day out. Jeeze, how creative can I get with Chicken Strips and Fries. This is why I will forever invest in SPY cookbooks for this house. Anyone that can show me how I can sneak vegetables […]