FASHION: 3 ways to upgrade your mama uniform

  We all have a uniform, an everyday ensemble that we gravitate towards, an outfit that needs no thought but still has us feeling like we fit into society {minus the accidental side pony}. You know what I’m talking about, jeans and a tee with you favorite sneakers; am I right? Today I’ve taken that look and given it an unexpected upgrade, you know the feeling, like when you check into your 10 hour red-eye flight to find out you’ve been moved to first-class without absolutely any begging {a feeling I have never felt, I’m sure it’s quite divine}. The Mama Uniform in my house is a […]

FASHION: Lover of Love Tee

… it’s officially September and therefore it’s FALL I love everything fall; the weather, the bbeautifulcolors, the crisp weather, pumpkin spice everything, an fashion! What is their not to love? No honestly, tell me what about Fall don’t you love? For me it’s the perfect time to take a break from the hustle and bustle that Summer seems to bring. It’s a time we can slow down, sit back, and savor every last bite of that donut. Seriously? This sweater though! Am I alone here or are you not totally smitten? For me it was love at first site, the color, the sized, the knit, and draping; […]

Find your best friend in a bra

The perfect fitting bra, sometimes comes at a cost, and I don’t mean a hefty price tag; in most cases the beauty of the bra lacks greatness when fit is more important. A perfect fitting bra should also match your personality; last time I looked feeling beautiful from the inside out means going through your under garments, right? And this my friends is why my most favorite bra’s are either leopard print, polka dotted, or hot pink! When you’ve determined the plan on attack for your day, and “the bra” must go on, do you reach for something that makes you smile? I’d like to think that the perfect […]

HOW TO :: wear a crop top

Fear the crop top no longer! No matter your age, or size it can be done, and it can be done right. {click here to see how I styled a crop top last summer} Keep in mind these 3 tips in choosing the right crop top for you: 1. keep it age appropriate; anyone over 25 should think twice about showing your navel in an ensemble that doesn’t belong on the beach. by keeping your bottoms high waist’ed showing only a few inches of skin you’re able to keep the look classic 2. find a flattering shape; don’t just think a top that is short. look for a perfect […]

FASHION: Curvy Girls Jeans & a Tee Guide

SHOP THE LOOK :: Tee // Jeans // Hat // Bag // Necklace // Shoes   If I am known for something, let it be my unlimited combinations of Jeans and a Tee. I could style a basic Jean and Tee for days, months, years even — I say this with every ounce of honesty I have left in my body; considering I’m writing this at midnight on a Thursday while both baby and husband are counting sheep — I got absolutely nothing to lie about right now folks. …it’s not about what size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size. Jeans and a Tee are […]

FASHION: Curvy Girls Spring Fashion Guide

SHOP THE LOOK :: jacket // shirt // bag // pants // shoes Dressing curves doesn’t have to be daunting, nor does it have to be bland. You know when you were told to avoid bold colors, any abstract patterns and heaven forbid you wore a skinny jean. Well throw all this bogus information out with this weeks trash, you can wear anything your heart desires, as long as you accessorize it with confidence. Today I’m showing you how to wear a spring trend we’re seeing quite a bit of, florals. I’m pairing it with some neutrals to mellow out the look as the pants speak loud enough. Easy peasy, yah’see, wearing florals doesn’t have to […]

FASHION: 3 must-have basics

The importance of a basic often goes unspoken; you see a basic should be considered your bff right inline with your elementary school bestie you shared snack packs with. They’re the ones you can count on to get you out of a fashion jam 365 days a year; the days you feel less that hot, they’ve got you covered. The mornings when time is not on your side, they will always pull through at the last minutes and the days that you would almost rather sleep away they have you looking and feeling you very best {considering}. You should have these basics in your closet at all […]

Trend Report: Midi Skirt

Now feels about the right time to share with you some current trends I can’t wait to slip into this Spring. With the start of Vancouver Fashion Week last night I feel like it’s in me to share. Sadly I won’t be attending Vancouver Fashion Week like I have the past 2 years {here and here}; renovations, motherhood and life in general keeps me from these amazing runway shows, but I am there in spirit. A trend I am very much so looking forward to this Spring is the Midi Skirt. Done either in a tight fit or free flow, I am leaning more towards the romantic […]

Plus-size fashion… oh how things have changed

It’s funny, yesterday I was scrolling through my facebook feed and I saw a killer dress I just felt I just had to own. You know when something catches your eyes, stops you in your tracks and refuses to leave your head. Like walking by an entire box of glazed donuts with only one sprinkle covered sugary goodness left.  As if the clouds have opened and a ray of sunshine is beaming down your path right to it. Yeah, that feeling, I’m going to bottle that up and sell it! If you don’t already know about Monif C, let me introduce you! Plus-size fashion outlet that knows […]

FASHION: #moms30for30 recap

Dress: eshakti// Scarf: Phillip Lim for Target // Purse: Fendi // Belt: Joe Fresh // Bracelet: H&M // Shoes: Target  As some of you caught wind, I have been playing with some amazing fashion-fem’s and challenging myself for the month of February. I joined my girl Pink Chai and chose 30 pieces of clothing to work with over the next 30 days.  Creating ensembles I wouldn’t normally pick, but merely because it’s all I have to work with. WHY?! you ask… for a few reasons. I have wanted to join a #30for30 for quite sometime now, about 3 years to be frank — to save money, as […]