Curvy Girl Beach Style

I remember the days that I dreaded going to the beach, I also remember the days that I dreaded summer. A season that called for mostly skin-baring fashion. A season that allowed girls and woman to wear beachwear as everyday wear. These were ensembles I was not comfortable with on the best of days. And now, what I see most, is far too much fear in one little lady than should have ever been.Fashion is meant to be fun, it’s meant to make us feel good, feel beautiful. It talks for us, without having to speak words. It says who we are, before we show our inner […]

Curvy Girls Summer Fashion

Fashion isn’t always fun. When you’re dressing curves you’re often confronted with many change room visits to merely leave with one piece for your wardrobe that would suffice. Most clothing on the market is made for a demographic that is far less curvacious, until of course you do your research and find companies and designers that focus on curvy woman. Then life changes and your seeing rainbows and cupcakes again. I personally find Summer one of the more difficult seasons to dress my curves. When fashion tends to go the direction of less material more skin, I panic. This is a territory I have yet to venture in, one […]

Curvy Girls Guide to Swimwear

 SHOP:       It’s not easy finding a swimsuit both flattering and trendy, and this is why I have set out to find us curvy girls some real suits we can swoon over. All that we will be left with contemplating while looking at our reflections, will be “should I buy it in both colors”?This summer we are seeing a whole lot of style hit the beaches and I cannot wait to be one of the curvy vixens out there soaking up the sun with confidence. However we must start at finding the perfect suit for us. Trends that are hot right now in swimwear are Ruffles, Rushing, Fringe, Prints, […]

Curvy Girl Skirts that Flatter

Just as the Little Black Dress… the perfect skirt can too have a lasting impression. A skirt, equally as important as a neckline, can be vital for a women with curves. It shows your assets perfectly and hides your flaw impeccably. So what are my rules when it comes to a perfect skirt? Length, Shape, Pattern, Print and Texture.  1. Length & Shape A skirt should hit you between mid-thigh and just above the knee, or just at the knee. Anything higher than that your going to be asking for trouble. I don’t care how Mariah Carey your legs are… showing that much thigh is going to have […]

Curvy Girl Necklines that Flatter

A neckline, is a neckline, is a neckline. Untrue.  A Neckline is important for all women, however in my mind imperative for a women with curves. Is can smooth out the silhouette, enhance the bust and frame and slim the face. Pretty amazing I’d say. So here is my 4 favorite necklines for a women with curves.  1. The SweetheartThis neckline is not only fabulous on Curvy Women, lengthening the neck, but it also is on those looking to gain a larger looking bust. Loving this Dress from Forver21? Buy it here for $39.80 2. The Collared VThis neckline both shaves the roundness from you face but also adds a […]