Stella’s Bumble Bee Birthday {this is 1}

Birthday’s should BUZZ! From the chatter among guests catching up, to the shrieks of excitement from the littles who’ve had far too much sugar, and the balloons that just couldn’t stand one more moment of heat… POP! We celebrated Stella Grace’s 1st Bumble Bee Birthday over the weekend and what a lovely day it was. Some of our very closest friends and family gathered to celebrate this little bumble bee of ours and OF THE FUN that was had. From eating a delicious lunch to snacking on some sweets almost too beautiful to eat, to making stuffed unicorns and getting the most glitter’tastic tattoos (by yours truly)… […]

…so this is six

You look like your dad, I’m told this weekly when I grocery shop and the lovely cash attendant feels the need to remind me, but MY GOODNESS are you ever me! I’m catching myself more and more these days analyzing your ways, listening to your every word (especially when I have no part of the conversation) and watching your every move and let me tell you…. KID, you’re me! OH SOFIA, how you’ve taught me so much. From unconditional love (first baby, first true love) to never taking myself seriously, to stalling before bed (you’re by far a champion of this, should they ever call it a […]

…and then you were one

It’s 10:07pm, the night before your FIRST BIRTHDAY and here we are, your dad and I building your gift for the big surprise tomorrow. The screws on the wheels of your walker need to be tightened to “slow your roll” and while I reach for a butter knife, dad lets out his famous HUFF and makes the long walk downstairs to the tool kit to get the screw driver. We contemplated holding off on giving it to you first thing as dad won’t be home until dinner, but I just can’t let go of the tradition that my babies wake up to some birthday love, waiting for them […]

Sofia’s Odd Squad Birthday {this is 6}

SIX? SIX! Holy Batman Hannah Fragglerock! MY BABY IS 6 YOU GUYS! *hold me* When asked how she wanted to celebrate her 6th birthday, she quickly answered ODD SQUAD! Mama! I just must have an Odd Squad Birthday this year! A show I was very much aware of and totally approved. Have you seen an episode of The Odd Squad? YOU GUYS it’s one of those shows you won’t mind watching with your kids and will likely catch yourself gut-laughing at. Kid Spy Agents that solve the most random mystery’s with the funniest of bad-guys. Think Jamie Jam who covers things in Jam and clearly needs to be stopped, or the Noisemaker […]

Seattle’s 5 Insta-Worthy Selfie Spots

I’m not claiming something you don’t already know, Seattle’s beautiful. What I am doing is showing you 5 INSTA-WORTHY SELFIE SPOTS you must visit (and instagram) the next time you get to the city. The list could’ve been made a MILE long, with so many gorgeous angles to share the city, I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top 5 spots I like to SNAP, FILTER and HASHTAG at an arms length in Seattle. Seattle is by far our families favorite road trip destination, offering something for everyone from the Woodland Park Zoo, to Everett Kids Museum, Trader Joe’s, Pike Place Market and of course Target (because […]

Road Trip to the Seattle Zoo {VLOG}

YOU GUYS! We’re back from our Road Trip to Seattle (visiting the Woodland Park Zoo) and what a trip it was! I have a ton of fun posts I would like to share on the site soon about Seattle and our favorite things to do, but for now I’ve got a vlog for you all about our trip to Seattle’s Zoo… if you ask me, it’s PRETTY AWESOME! Let me tell you a few of my favorite things from this road trip; We survived (that’s saying a lot considering both tablets died before we got to said destination) Sammy got his first face painting at 40  Stella […]

Back-To-School with Walmart

  Summer is nearly over and our minds (including our exhausted bodies) are excited for the school year ahead.  GRADE ONE is a pretty big deal over here; Sofia has mentally convinced herself she is now in a real grade. Unlike the 2 years of pre-school and 1 year of kindergarten, Grade One is different, IT’S A NUMBER which means it’s the real deal now, she’s in SCHOOL! Oh how I love 6-year-old reasoning!   Walmart Canada Website // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest Similar to what we did last year, we partnered with Walmart on the Back-to-School Apparel Solutions program, and headed straight to where we knew the deals were and our money could be stretched; WALMART! Sofia was given  a $100 […]

Our Annual Outdoor Movie Night {Disaster Strikes}

((check out the full vlog at the link below)) Our annual Summer Outdoor Movie Night has come and gone, and of all things that I forget, and am forced on on THE DAY to hunt down… GOODNESS ME! Let’s just say I had a lot on my plate, deal?!  The guest count was HIGH and so were the expectations, the ones I had put out for myself of course. I for some ludacrious reason think each year should top the last, because I like to torture myself that’s why. I made sure to keep my promise to Sofia and play the Trolls movie, but not to Sammy […]

Kids Summer Bucket List {VLOG}

HAVE YOU DONE IT? Have you sat down with your littles and created a Summer Bucket List? Not only was it fun and gave me an excuse to print out these adorable FREE Printables, but it narrowed down the crazy amount of things Sofia said she wanted to do over her Summer Break. The first 10 things she belted out I knew were MOST IMPORTANT to her, like her first sleepover and a visit to the Seattle Zoo. The rest were just filler and if we got to them great, if not, no little people would lose sleep over it.    We tackled one of her requests last week […]

Car Shopping; can something be hated that much?

I would rather eat sushi than go through the process of buying a new car! (for anyone that knows me, knows that right there, that’s a pretty bold statement) I DETEST CAR SHOPPING The whole process plays with me; my stress levels, my emotions, my decision making skills, they all get tested to the utmost and I can’t stand it. Not sure if you heard, but we’re looking to buy a new vehicle. Oh! but not just any old vehicle, OH NO! a planning on keeping it for 10+ years so it better be amazing family vehicle. You know the type right? YOU GUYS! The pressure is killing […]