The Emotional Side of Sleep Training

This is a good idea right? Tell me we’re making the right decision for her? YOU GUYS, day 3 of sleep training is tough… and not why you might think! Tonight Stella put herself down in 2 minutes, all by herself! Sammy put her into bed, wide awake and in 120 seconds, less time than it takes for me to steep a cup a tea, this kid was sawing logs with ZERO protest! She snuggled into her crib, found her cozy spot and drifted off to la la land ALL. BY. HERSELF.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of this little stinker, 6 months and already […]

MOTHERHOOD: New Mom Gift Guide +Giveaway

THIS IS MAJOR PEOPLE Like I’m talkin’ HUGE… Today I’m not only sharing my TOP 4 New Mom Gifts but GIVING THEM AWAY TO ONE LUCKY WINNER!!! I told you it was huge! I couldn’t be happier to share that we are working closely with an amazing group of companies to bring you this amazing Giveaway. These 4 items make up the ideal New Mom Gifts to give a woman who has just returned home from the hospital; your adorable baby outfits are totally appreciated and loved, but these are the things a new mom really needs. I dug deep for this one, sat down and really thought about […]

PARENTING: 5 Unconventional Places To Relax In Peace

You’ve not misplaced your kids, but some kind soul has offered to take the kids as their responsibility for the next few hours, what do you do? WHAT?! Is this even real? Wake up! This is real life, waste no time, goodness knows this might be the last time your childless bestie offers to “take the kids” because “how hard could it really be”. Here’s what I have for you today, 5 unconventional places to relax in peace. It’s not what you think, I’m not going to send you to a coffee shop or a spa, oh no people, these places are totally not what you would expect. Yes […]

FAMILY: 12 Must-Have Baby Items

Parenthood is no cake walk, but you don’t need me to tell you that. What you may need is some unsolicited advice on 12 must-have baby items that will save you in more than one way. From those zombie-like 2am feedings, or the 5 o’clock witching hour where baby isn’t happy until the whole house is in tears. You know what I mean, I know I’m not alone when I say “bring on the gimicks and gadgets galore”. Whatever will make life easier for both parent and babe are baby items I want in my mama tool belt. Myself, along with 3 other mama bloggers are sharing […]

Our new morning routine; Toddler Yoga

FACT: we’ve been doing yoga now for 3 consecutive mornings FACT: we’ve managed to follow the 30 minutes without distraction FACT: i doubted sofia’s patience every morning FACT: i felt shame for ever doubting her No word of a lie, I was almost driven to tears {of happiness}. Accidentally stumbling across Cosmic Kids YouTube channel was something I did not see coming this week. While hunting for something Sofia could do independently that would buy me 5, or even 7 minutes time, enough to clean up from breakfast without tripping over a little person, I came up with yoga. I thought, “hey! yoga will keep her confused enough to stay intrigued […]

FAMILY: now that your child is three

  Today, Hillary and I share with you some endearing life lessons we’ve learnt as mothers, with a whole 6 years combined, we feel their are no two better woman to dish out advice. Come’on, if the stranger behind you in Starbucks, sans children is allowed to tell you how to parent, so can we! Without further ado here are 7 things we can no longer say or do now that you are a parent to a child who has turned three. Taking them shopping for gifts weeks before the big reveal. CASE IN POINT// my daughter approaches my husband 8 days before his birthday, 10 hours after […]

SERIES :: gaining sanity through sleep

I know that sleep can be one of those things as a parent that you don’t get a lot of, fight to get more of, but never actually ever feel like you ever fully got any. Well today might be one of those days that I help you more than you’d ever imagined; I maybe able to get your sleep questions answered and have you sleeping more soundly and feeling more like yourselves in the days ahead. Pretty freakin’ sweet gig right?! Marnie from Cheekychops has excitedly agreed to collaborate with me here at Little Miss Mama, throwing out a once a month style series that allows […]

Feature: Cheekychops Baby Sleeping Tips + Giveaway

By a show of bags, who needs more sleep here? This is why I’m beyond excited to be bringing you all today two incredible things that are going to change your life. Okay — well maybe 1 thing for certain and the other you’ll have to take a stab at winning and if you do, it will be life altering; I SWEAR! First and foremost let me introduce to to your newest BFF, Cheekychops Sleep Consultant Marnie. She’s pretty much the next best thing to a sleeping pill; however Marnie is far safer for you and your friends won’t judge you based on your choice to use […]

NEW SERIES: Calling All Mama’s

So if you follow me on Facebook you will know that every so often I turn to the parents out there for some SERIOUS help. No, not for a response to “do my hips look big in this skirt”, or “am I squinching too much or just enough”. Important mama questions, like “how to you deal with tantrums” and “when do you stop the use of 1/2 when talking of your babes age” or how about “is 2 years old too early to drop naps”. Real life questions that deserve some attention. I ask, and you reply. Seriously! I asked and a army of mama’s came through […]