The Magic of Nature’s Care {Miracle-Gro}

We’re no strangers to getting dirty in this house, we’ve been playing in the dirt and caring for our own garden religiously for the last 4 years, and with each passing year Sofia gets more involved, and exponentially dirtier.  With how long and drawn out our Winter was this year we were unable to start the garden outside when we normally do, YOU GUYS we still had a massive amount of snow on the ground at the end of February! It was far too cold outside to start our little seedlings, poor things would’ve never made it. This year, for the first time, we started our seeds inside. […]

Thanks for the invite, but no.

Thanks for the girls night invite, as fun as it sounds, I’m busy… doing nothing. There is an article circulating online right now that has nothing to do with a Kardashian making a drastic change to their hair, or Ann Hathaway returning her room service 4 times, and guess what, it’s better than both of those articles combined! The article is titled 6 reasons why my husband and I probably won’t make it to your event and seriously It has me feeling better and better about all my declined rsvp’s each time I read it. After that baby arrives and you’re officially tagged with the motherhood title, so much changes. Other than […]

DIY: Teapot Vase

Dining Room Chandelier via Urban Barn I wouldn’t want, not even for a second, for you to think I’m organized enough in my life to execute a DIY like this with having to go out shopping.  The tea pot and the idea was about all of the items I had in the moment, that and a can of gold spray paint that I inherited in a swag-bag the night prior; everything else was sourced out of home. SIDE RANT>> Just for a moment, can we talk about the bugger who made wearing your pajamas in public is a faux-pas? I mean maybe I don’t know all the rules, but did I […]

{mini} FASHION: Cats & Paperboy Hats

{Joe Fresh Sweater //  Joe Fresh Pants  //  Joe Fresh Jacket  //  Joe Fresh Boots  //  Joe Fresh Hat} First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! My little turns 4 today and let me tell you it hit me like a ton of bricks. Hello emotional roller coaster! Today’s tears will be buried with cake and chocolate, anyone else care to join in? Who else feels this dose of bitter-sweet emotions on their babies birthdays? OKAY! Now back to the fashion and how adorable this kid is? We sorta’ love Joe Fresh, can you tell? The clothing is so on point, trend wise, and it’s crazy affordable. Oh […]

DIY: Little Tikes Home Makeover

This project has been a long time coming, literally. Thanks to date stamps I can tell you that this makeover has taken us 13 months to complete. Started last July with a good scrub down cleaning, and storing safely away from everything dirt just before the change in weather. We had good intentions to get it done last Summer but so much got in the way we had to wait until this year to complete this little project for little Miss Sofia Marie. It’s funny how it happened actually, no real plans were made to get it done last week but we had a few hours sans-child (thanks […]

DIY: Backyard Movie Night

If you build it, they will come! Oh, we built it! And they did come! What an epic night we had over the weekend. Had some of our favorite people over in our backyard, far past everyone’s bedtime and we curled up with blankets and pillows watching a movie in the great outdoors. It’s been one of my “must do” things for the Summer over the past 2 years now and it was even more magical that I ever imagined it would be. Last year we felt it was just a tad too early to be keeping Sofia up that late, but this year we thought she could handle it, […]

RECIPE: Double Trouble Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m not one for drama, but when it comes to my sweets, chocolate, and late night snacks I’ve been known to cry tears of happiness over success in the kitchen. My family has had to make a swift change in our everyday eats due to some health issues for both the man and I. We’ve since adopted the ways of a Paleo’er if you will, and have been doing as well as we can; I however am having a hard time feeling any sorta’ success in the ways of baking. Almond Flour, I got it, Coconut Flour, got it, Tapioca Flour and Arrowroot Starch, the pantry is stocked, […]