Nutritional Facts; can you read them? +GIVEAWAY

I’d like to think I know a decent amount about reading and understanding nutritional facts when grocery shopping. Being able to decipher if a product is good enough for me and my family or better to just put back on the shelf to hopefully collect dust. I’ll be the first to admit that I could know more but it’s just one of those daunting tasks that google and I just haven’t yet made the time for. Until opportunity came knocking (and included a $100 gift card giveaway)… A chance for me to be somewhat of a pro facts-reader, and better yet share with you how to be a nutritional […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; for the Holidays {+giveaway}

Isn’t it funny how an event or moment can mold into a family tradition so quickly? It’s sorta’ the case with baking cookies while watching a Christmas movie over the Holidays. It doesn’t just happen once in this house, I mean come on a dozen cookies only lasts a night of binge watching Homeland, right? Sofia and I bake cookies over the holidays at least 3 or 4 times, and along with being paired with a huge flour’y mess it also goes perfectly with a Christmas cartoon or classic Christmas movie.  This time, we tried a new recipe, which I will not share as I would love to […]

FASHION: Black Friday Shopping Haul

As promised, I wanted to share with you all the amazing deals I got this past Friday at Guildford Town Centre. Here is why I find it so great, HELLO! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DEALS. I mean I used to joke around about how genius it would be if a family could pretend Christmas was the day after boxing day, hitting the stores on the wild but oh-so-worth-it day of crazy shopping deals and get everyone’s gifts all in one day.  Did someone say $100 gift card giveaway? I would keep scrolling if I were you! This right here is why I love Black Friday so much, and my love for Guildford […]

FEATURE: The LEAF by Bellabeat +Giveaway

  I SEE YOUR STEP COUNTER… AND I RAISE YOU A SLEEP, MENSTRUAL, STRESS AND HEALTH TRACKER!   Say hello to my new little friend, LEAF. I just can’t wait for her and I to get acquainted later this week (don’t make a liar out of me Canada Post), and I’m pretty certain it will be a match made on earth. As you all know, I like my gadgets, but when tech meets jewelry with promises to better the mind, body and soul, well that’s when sparks fly. So sit back, and get ready to watch the firework show people because LEAF by Bellabeat is going to blow our minds. *** //ABOUT LEAF BY […]

Bobs & LoLo Album Love +Giveaway {free printables}

It’s no surprise that Sofia and I love our music (Need proof? #SofiaMarieSings via Instagram). When we were asked if we wanted to check out the new Bobs & LoLo album, Dirty Feet, our answer was one that came easy, flowed right off our tongues. YAS! ALBUM DETAILS: Dirty Feet is available for purchase on July 31st, digitally at iTunes, at the Bobs & LoLo webstore or in-store at HMV. Did you know Bobs & LoLo are currently touring North America? Listen to these catchy tracks in person and find out more information on locations and dates here. We received the album and got right to business; listening, singing, and of course dancing (have I mentioned […]

BEAUTY: Derma MD Giveaway

Beauty is about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Said by many, I’m sure including your inner voice, and this my friends is why I find a skincare routine so important. And if the importance doesn’t quite strike you, I have another tactic you’re welcome to try, buy white sheets. I promise it will only take a short while until you wake up to the impression of your face on your crisp white pillow case to change your ways! Guess who tried a new skincare line? >> THIS GIRL! And guess who is loving her skin again? >> THIS GIRL! And guess who’s hosting a […]

FEATURE: eShakti + Giveaway

Who actually fits societies size chart? I know I don’t! This my friends is why eShakti is your ultimate go-to for affordable custom attire. From shirts, to blazers, to skirts, pants and dresses, they take tailoring online and make it a luxury we can all afford. eShakti Website // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram If you are long-time reader of Little Miss Mama, you’ll know I was lucky enough to work alongside eShakti a little while back. I got to customize and model my very own creation. Now ladies, I didn’t just tailor my dress to fit my curves, I added a little length in […]


Selfies are a thing both loved and hated, the world is split on this one, the Canon Selphy on the other hand we can all agree on, nothing but love. A tiny compact printer that prints gorgeous images directly from your phone or computer, wirelessly in a matter of seconds. I got my own Selphy about 3 months ago and have been printing photos quicker than I can take them. That says a lot coming from me, this is a challenge I don’t take lightly, I could easily and happily print photos all day long with this thing. …and this is why we’re GIVING ONE AWAY TODAY! You betcha! Bet you […]

FEATURE: Camp & Cabin Sleepwear + GIVEAWAY

Story of my life; I find Sofia the most perfect pajamas and they don’t come in adult size. They’re plaid, includes two of our most favorite colors, softer than a feather falling, and it’s a onesie. I’ve been emotionally torn since finding them, so excited for her, so crushed for me. UNTIL NOW! When it comes to fleece onesies, Camp & Cabin does not discriminate by age. Selling infant, toddler, and adult fleece sleepwear, it’s no doubt they’ve got my undivided attention. I cruise the site and see they have a onesie identical to that of the one I’ve been envious of hanging in Sofia’s closet. AND THEN IT’S MINE […]

DIY: Polar Express Holiday Prints + GIVEAWAY

So I had this idea in the midst of watching The Polar Express for the gazillionth time, I need some framed prints in my home for the holidays, ones that show the true Polar Express fans we are {because as if the dvd on repeat in the car and at home wasn’t proof enough}. While I sat through the movie this time, I listened very close to words and phrases those ‘magical’ moments you get in a good holiday movie that make you feel all warm and tingly inside. Their were two; two major moments that stuck with me, and this is where my creative juices took over. “the […]