We’ve done the following in the last 19 days… lived in the great outdoors (travelling via BC Ferries and in a car for 12 hours of travel time), we attended a birthday party, been to 4 art classes, 2 soccer class, 1 playdate, and an infinite amount of park visits, we’ve visited 2 local hot spots packed with kids (Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium), hit the Library 3 times, an indoor play centre (The Great Escape) alongside our normal everyday outings, and guess what, we escaped healthy, with only a few scrapes, bruises, a carpet burn on our elbow. Do you remember, our family is taking the 30-Day Challenge with PURELL, […]

HEALTH: 3 Reasons To Treat Yourself!

1. You’ll be more active; here is how I figure. When you look good, you feel good, we all know that, when you feel good you want to push yourself to continue to feel that way, right? Tasting small victories can go a long way for the body and mind. So in theory spending money to get new active wear you love to get into will only push yourself to get out in it more often. Right? 2. It’s more affordable than ever; quality active wear doesn’t need to put you behind on your mortgage payment, not with how main stream trendy active wear has become. Case […]

HEALTH: PURELL 30-Day Challenge

The world is not only wild, but it’s dirty… it’s probably why they made PURELL. And I know this is why me and my family are taking the PURELL 30-Day Challenge. Have you heard about it? *leans into your personal space* Well then, let me tell you; We’re taking the PURELL 30-Day Challenge along side Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney to encourage all in good hand hygiene practice in hopes to help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs. Plain and simple, the challenge is here to help families stay healthy, and it couldn’t come at a better time with back-to-school just around the corner.   As much as my family […]

HEALTH: Send Help!

So, I played a little game over the last month and a bit. You see I’ve had a reassured hunch that I was either gluten or lactose sensitive (oh gawd, or dare I say both). My naturopath has told me over the year that the skin reaction I’ve been having on my knee was due to an allergy. I was to get a cortisone cream, use it for a week on my knee and once it had cleared up live life as I always have. If it came back, it was a food allergy. Simple right. Well it came back, and I chose to ignore it at […]

{meat} Monday with Meridian Meats

It’s hard to hide all the deliciousness we’ve been posting on our Instagram feed lately, I mean can you blame me?Farm raised, free range, grass fed meat, what’s not to love (unless of course you’re a vegetarian, and in that case we’re very sorry)? If it’s not from Meridian Meats, frankly I don’t want it. No wait! Scrap that, my sister is going to kill me if she reads this. If what you’re bringing to the table ain’t from Meridian Meats or my sister’s farm, then I ain’t sittin’ down for dinner. Honest to goodness you can taste the difference in a good quality meat, don’t believe […]

RECIPE: “Anything You Have” Crumble

Crumble is seriously my most favoritest dessert, eaten straight from the oven after it’s been topped with ice cold Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, there is no better indulgence in life. The best part, besides the deliciousness would have to be the ease of making a crumble. Literally throw whatever fruit or berry you have kicking around that sound scrumptious together into ramekins, top with a ridiculously easy crumble topping and bake. Like I’m talkin’ no recipe needed peeps, straight from the heart gut. Let me tell you how we made this one as we had to make a few modifications since a third of our house follows a […]

Sundays are for Farmer’s Markets

Walking in the open air, sun shining bright, among locals who are also shopping for the weeks allotment of fruits, vegetables, and baked goods (because we’re all about saving time and we know baking that lemon loaf is going to be tedious, take time and make a whole lotta mess); it’s no surprise I love our local Farmers Market. I along with the many others at the market on Sunday appreciate and never take for granted local farmers and artisans. #supportlocal #shoplocal #buylocal #eatlocal This Sunday we did exactly that, we stocked up our veggie supply, with bonus additions of lemonade mix via KIC’S Lemonade, a lemon loaf from Mom and […]

LIFESTYLE: Gadget Goodness; The Micro Pedi

Just a few weeks back I got my hands on a new gadget for your feet. Why does this make me happy? Two reasons; I’m a sucker for gadgets and I strive for smooth and healthy feet all year round. I’m talkin’ bout fresh from the spa silky smooth feet and heels, the ones that have no place in a sock and at night get rubbed up on your mans leg just to silently prove there beauty. Ha! I can’t be alone on this one, am I? I’ve now used the Micro Pedi for 2 weeks one end and the difference is crazy. It’s really one of those […]

RECIPE: Double Trouble Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m not one for drama, but when it comes to my sweets, chocolate, and late night snacks I’ve been known to cry tears of happiness over success in the kitchen. My family has had to make a swift change in our everyday eats due to some health issues for both the man and I. We’ve since adopted the ways of a Paleo’er if you will, and have been doing as well as we can; I however am having a hard time feeling any sorta’ success in the ways of baking. Almond Flour, I got it, Coconut Flour, got it, Tapioca Flour and Arrowroot Starch, the pantry is stocked, […]

Our new morning routine; Toddler Yoga

FACT: we’ve been doing yoga now for 3 consecutive mornings FACT: we’ve managed to follow the 30 minutes without distraction FACT: i doubted sofia’s patience every morning FACT: i felt shame for ever doubting her No word of a lie, I was almost driven to tears {of happiness}. Accidentally stumbling across Cosmic Kids YouTube channel was something I did not see coming this week. While hunting for something Sofia could do independently that would buy me 5, or even 7 minutes time, enough to clean up from breakfast without tripping over a little person, I came up with yoga. I thought, “hey! yoga will keep her confused enough to stay intrigued […]