Who even takes a child to High Tea?

Are we crazy for taking a 4 year old for High Tea? Nah! But the ridiculous amount of photos we took while we were there could easily be deemed ludicrous! It was the loveliest of Wednesday afternoons when Sofia, my mama and I went for High Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale. We had a 12pm reservation for 3, and no plans on leaving before our time was up. While mum and I dined on mini croissants stuffed with Hickory Pork and Shiitake Mushroom, Sofia took mini bites making her way through Peanut Butter and Banana Pinwheels. Surprisingly she helped herself a tier a time (it must […]

PARENTING: Good Sleep Is Just a Jump Away

If someone told me that a good night sleep was just a jump away, I would say how high. The day I heard that Springfree Trampoline was setting up shop in my city, I got excited. Sammy and I have been contemplating what to invest in for Sofia in a play center now that we have a large backyard. From a playhouse to a swing set to a trampoline, the options are unlimited really, it just depends on what we want to spend. We weigh out factors on longevity and long-term interest, to cost and overall look it gives to the backyard.  A playhouse was my first choice […]

FAMILY: Being Prepared For The Unexpected

So we lost all power Saturday afternoon, and didn’t see the light again until Tuesday night. These last 4 days have been an eye-opener to say the least. At the end of the day, after all the worry, the frustration and stress what it all boils down to is how unprepared me and my family are for the unexpected, a natural disaster. STORM BACKSTORY (if you care) We’ve been told that the weekend would bring wind and rain, lots and lots of rain. What they didn’t tell us, what mother nature failed to include was that it would be a windstorm like we’ve never seen. This storm would take […]

TRAVEL: #TheCiullasDoHarrison

A little picture-heavy sneak peek into our family vacation in Harrison Hot Springs. It’s our 2nd annual trip, with our 3rd already securely booked on our way out this past Wednesday. Harrison just feels right for us, and now that we’ve discovered that Harrison Hot Springs Resort also has cottages I think the locals will see us more than just once a year. I’m dying to dip my toes into the springs with nothing but snow around us. HELLO CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! If you missed it, yesterday we posted 6 things you must do in Harrison Hot Springs, make sure you keep this in your back pocket the next […]

{mini} FASHION: Memoiyo’s New Collection

  I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! No no no no no! Consider yourselves the luckiest little buggers on the planet right now. I have a persistent cough that makes my singing voice sound like nails on a chalkboard, send all your love and strength to Sammy and Sofia who are heading out on a road trip with me tomorrow. Guess who’s the controller of music on all family road trips? That’s right you’re lookin’ at her! #goodtimesahead Now, onto the news that really matters! Need I remind you who Memoiyo is? I featured them not too long ago on the site, and Sofia […]

FAMILY: Farm Favorites

The city life runs through our blood, and you would probably never catch us living the farm life, however we would never raise our nose to a day spent on the farm. We love our local farms and farmers not just because they give us delicious organic food for our tables, but also great moments to teach and learn about farm animals and just how much work it is to get an egg on the table, or milk in our cups. It’s a great way not only to learn about where food comes from but also to teach respect and appreciation for the food we eat, and the […]

DIY: Mason Bee House

This past Sunday was epic, because I said so! Now with me working Friday and Saturday our Sundays are extra special, it’s our time as a family to connect, explore, have fun but most importantly, be together. This last Sunday we hit our local Farmers Market, the Port Moody Winter’s Farmers Market, and not only shopped our list of weekly necessities, but also got our craft on. Sammy and Sofia were registered in a Mason Bee Workshop that was put out by the Farmer’s Market and hosted by Dr. Veronica Wahl, from the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College, where she taught them all about Mason Bee’s, including walking […]

FEATURE: Come get MESSY with me!

Hey remember when I booked a private event at 4Cats Art Studio in Port Coquitlam, had all my very favorite things there, tea, sour keys, and my lady friends? Yah that! I’m doing it again, but the only difference this time is if you’re quick you can join me! What you need to know: Who: Hopefully you, me and 10 other people {class size is set to 12, so if you wan’t in, reserve your butt a spot} What: Thanks to Julian & Jinks she has provided us with two gorgeously designed, fun loving quotes. We will be using them in an art project that has us transferring the […]

Farmers Market FUN

#supportlocal; a hashtag that is as popular as it is important. Do you support your local community? If not you may have no idea how much better an apples taste from a local tree freshly picked? Or the taste of an handmade {with love} marshmallow or jeez, even wine made from 100% locally grown grapes. You’re missing out my friends, you need to change that. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know that we’ve been hitting our local farmers’ market here on Sundays, and were picking up so much more than just fresh fruits and vegetables you guys! Two weeks ago we came home with marshmallows, wine and even infused […]

FAMILY: Making a stance in PINK

This Canada-wide campaign I naturally gravitate to, but even more-so now that I am a mother. Growing up I was never bullied, unless of course I can call myself my own bully {I know I’m not alone in this self-love struggle}, but I did see it go on all around me every single day. I stood up for those I felt I could win in a battle against,  and those that needed an army, I gladly called in troops. Bullying goes on whether we know of it or not, starting from childhood and sadly working the way into our adult lives *face in palm*, pretty stupid actually. Some just […]