FASHION: LYST is your new shopping buddy

What do you get when you cross a fashion obsessed woman 3 weeks postpartum, who find herself stuck inside most days due to c-section recovery? You get a lyst-addict, that’s what.  I was introduced to lyst as the Pinterest of shopping websites (well then, hello newest obsession!). Where you can save items to a personal board and keep a close eye on them for when, you know… WHEN THEY GO ON SALE! No word of a lie people, this exists. Lyst allows you to save items on a virtual board that you can re-visit again and again and again (as you do). You will be notified of stock alerts, […]

FASHION: First Day Fashion Challenge

It’s August, which means with a blink of an eye it’s going to be September and we will all be in back-to-school mode. From the shopping, to school supply checklists and getting back into a daily routine; I don’t know about you but I for one cannot wait. Bring on the early mornings, cereal breakfasts and sense of structure! So for those of you who truly know me, you know I wouldn’t back down to a challenge – especially a fashion challenge. So when we were approached to join a First Day of School Fashion Challenge with Walmart they didn’t even have to finish the pitch and we were sitting pretty, front seat […]

FEATURE: Best-Dressed-For-Less {date night edition}

I am not always 100% sure how people will react to my choice of attire {frankly I don’t put too much thought into it}, but I know ones things for sure, they will not be saying “I bet she shopped on a budget”. I was asked to tackle date night looks for both Sammy and I over this past weekend during Coquitlam Centre’s Best-Dressed-For-Less event. As if I would pass up on this opportunity, I mean when do I ever get asked to shop on someone else’s dime, and secondly when do Sammy and I ever get to shop together, for ourselves? We accepted the challenge, and […]

FASHION: Outerwear by 6KS

I feel like I just hit the jackpot, playing the outerwear lottery, and won big! Look at these 5 coats, I wan’t them all, and honestly I could easily have them all at this price {$209 for all 5 for those doing the math – you’re welcome}. But seriously, virtually run, don’t walk over to 6KS now because they have some amazing pieces for ridiculous prices. We’re not just talking coats, but tops, dresses, and sweaters, 6KS has changed my life all in a matter of minutes. Drastic right? Hello! Young & the Restless called and they are asking for their drama back! What are you still […]

FASHION: 3 ways to upgrade your mama uniform

  We all have a uniform, an everyday ensemble that we gravitate towards, an outfit that needs no thought but still has us feeling like we fit into society {minus the accidental side pony}. You know what I’m talking about, jeans and a tee with you favorite sneakers; am I right? Today I’ve taken that look and given it an unexpected upgrade, you know the feeling, like when you check into your 10 hour red-eye flight to find out you’ve been moved to first-class without absolutely any begging {a feeling I have never felt, I’m sure it’s quite divine}. The Mama Uniform in my house is a […]

Fashion :: Designer Showdown

Shop Max & Chloe :: Shop Max & Chloe :: Shop Farfetch You know me, I’m all about my accessories, especially when it comes to statement pieces. However these styles of necklaces are very trendy, and therefore extremely seasonal; and this is why when I buy statement pieces like a bib necklace, my main criteria after it’s beauty is affordability. I found Max & Chloe, an online accessory retailer, than not only sells affordable accessories, but satisfies my statement necklace cravings again and again and again and again {okay, you get it}. If you don’t already know of them, you should, and if you do, it’s a reminder […]

FASHION: Designer Showdown

Shop Tory Burch     —     Shop Chanel To date Chanel has owned the quilted purse market, this isn’t something you didn’t know. The designer has done a flawless job of this as whenever we see anything shoulder-side that’s quilted, we think about the luxurious designer, CHANEL. Today I see another player has come to the fashion game and this time it’s a big time designer, I couldn’t be more excited. Tory Burch has shared her flemming double-pocket bag in many sizes and shades. It’s quilted, it has a chain strap, it’s leather, it’s gorgeous and it’s a fraction of the cost at $525; versus […]

Celeb Look for Less

        I rarely, and by rarely I mean never, look to Miss Spears for Fashion Inspiration. However since her debut on the X-Factor I have noticed a more refined and classy Brittany. Which means she may be able to share her closet with me one day. One day… If she’s a good girl and doesn’t use a form of rain protection as a weapon. I’m just sayin’….She really has cleaned up her act, appearance and whole life by the looks of it. At least that’s the picture we are being painted. Tell me lovelies, are you digging Britney Spears and her looks on the X-Factor recently. How […]

Celeb Look for Less

                Some of you may have heard the News Flash on Little Miss Mama last weekend, those of you who didn’t…. Y U NO FANS ON FACEBOOK? Sorry, I don’t really think their is ever a “good time” for a Meme, I thought I’d give it all I had. I have a serious girl crush on the ever so gorgeous and oh so inspiring Demi Lovato. Here is another News Flash for you…. I feel the desire to go to Demi more so than Kim Kardashian for Fashion Inspiration. #CrazyEh?! Who would have ever thought? Today’s Look for Less is more […]

Look for Less: Mary J. Blige

LOVE IT? BUY IT!          Mary J is not normally one that I look to for Fashion Inspiration. Not that she’s not Fashionable or Lovely for that matter, but she just isn’t one that stands out to me as a Fashion Icon. However having said that, the outfit she chose to strut in on her way to BBC Radio 1 Studios was one I could see myself in. Not afraid of color, Mary J makes her Orange Blazer worthy of a pairing with an Hermes Belt that probably cost her, her first born, rightfully so.  This outfit, to me, screams Summer…. well that and Ice Cream! So many yummy […]