Look for Less: Paris Hilton

SHOP THIS LOOK:            Paris was spotted in Nice, France Airport on May 26th wearing an ensemble that we are not quite used to seeing Miss Hilton in. Far less “look at me… I’m Paris Hilton… I made a sex video and pretend that I’m ashamed” of an outfit, one that I would actually consider being inspired from. An ensemble that scream casual chic. Wouldn’t you agree? I believe it’s the Hat and Glasses that really bring the Chic to the outfit, it just goes to show how accessories can take you from grocery shopping to red carpet. I will swear by this. An outfit isn’t complete […]

Look for Less: Kim Kardashian

Whether your a fan of the Kardashian Crew or not you must respect her style. She almost always looks her very best and she inspires us each and everyday with something fabulous that she combines. No different than any other ensemble, this bold navy and mustard Dress made me want to put something together myself that turns heads. With a Dress really so simply chic, its the accessories that she plays with which takes the outfit to the next level. Kim Kardashian, in my eyes, does style so well! If your not going to congratulate her for making a name for herself out of nothing, or even pulling off […]

Look for Less: January Jones

January Jones isn’t someone that I am quite familiar with, other than the one who dated “funny man” Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live and of course Actress along side the beautiful Christina Hendricks on Mad Men. her style however, shown here, is something I can get used to. A gorgeously feminine blue pencil skirt with a rough leather jacket. January Jones know how to mix her trends, which is exactly what I love doing. Hello! Magazine featured January Jones in this Hello! Lifestyle Look costing a grand total of $2,107. I think that my outfit coming in at just over $200 is a pretty darn awesome alternative for the one who wants […]

Look for Less: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is one of those people that makes me giggle. She sure knows how to play to her advantage. On “The Simple Life” she played “Fashion Stupidity”…. on “Fashion Star” she plays “Fashion Sophistication”…. Maybe motherhood is what changed her? Either way I don’t really care, I’m just glad we have the sophisticated version on television these days.  The outfit we are tackling for Look for Less this week I couldn’t see myself wearing as I am not much of a Zebra fan… but done with a leopard, now that I can do!  Her outfit was featured in Hello! Magazine, on April 2nd, as the Hello! […]

Look for Less: Beyonce

Everything you own in the box to the left, in the closet that’s my stuff, yes – If I bought it please don’t touch. Beyonce is like every other woman, when it comes to her clothing. What’s mine is mine and what I crush on will eventually be mine. Beyonce oozes style, this you cannot deny. She is beautifully confident in everything she does and wears. If there is anything that we can take from the Queen of Pop, it is to always strut with grace, confidence and pride.   Dress Rail | Ponte Smart Tailored Blazer | $39.00 The Blazer in my eyes is one of […]

Look for Less: Nikki Hilton

Nikki Hilton, unlike her sister, makes very good decisions. Fashion; usually keeping it quite classy and beautiful, Mama Hilton can be happy she did not completely fail. When it comes to this “animal instinct” outfit Nikki is wearing, she is doing everything right.  From a Leather Jacket to an Animal Print Bag to a Colored Jean topping it off with a Bow on her Heels. Can we ask for anything more from Nikki? Maybe a few nights stay at her Hotel in New York this Summer? Forever21 | Colored Skinny Jeans | $27.80 This year colored pants are all the rage. Jeans, Cords, Leggings and Jeggings, as […]

Look For Less: Rhianna

Rhianna changes her style, as often as us Mama’s change diapers. Although I am not much of a “fan”, I can appreciate her street fashion when we catch her out. Casual, Comfortable, and Chic…. The 3 C’s that I connect to Rhianna as I see her in all the Celebrity Mags. This outfit is no different, and although most of us choose not to spend thousands of dollars on a single purse {not to say we don’t have love for you Fendi}, however we all can take inspiration from and purchase a little piece of heaven in a clutch. Dorothy Perkins | Gold Sparkle Pocket Shirt | […]

Look for Less: Kirsten Dunst

I’m sort in love with mustard at the moment. Its such a rich color, don’t you agree. I will be honest with you, I’m not a gigantic fan of Kirsten’s outfit all together, but the pieces I have chosen individually… I just love. Its neat how that works. I can see all these pieces individually with others in my existing wardrobe, but together…. meh. I wouldn’t wear it. Kirsten, if you have a stylist… I suggest you give her the boot!

Look for Less: Ashley Tisdale

I am quite proud of this collection, only because Ashley’s Hermes Bag alone is over $11,000 {sold here}. So to have her entire outfit for just over $200 is quite impressive I’d say. Your welcome I’m so fabulous at these celeb “looks for less”. Actually in all honestly I loved her look so much she has inspired me to keep my eyes open for a leather-like vest and start wearing some fitted band tee’s.My heart has always been looking for a gold watch and I have yet to pull the trigger. I will continue to save until I can easily afford this one by Michael Kors.  So tell me, […]

Look for Less: Tori Spelling

I really care for Tori Spelling much. Even since her days on 90210, I just grew a grand dislike for her and her image. Until today, I now can say I like one thing about Tori, her outfit. I loved it so much I wanted to see if it could inspire me for a “look for less” on Miss Spelling. What do you think? Would you were this outfit? My favorite piece is no doubt the peep-toe booties. MUST. HAVE. Dorothy Perkins Striped Tunic£25 – dorothyperkins.com Black Lace Tights$9.99 – amazon.com Carlos by Carlos Santana Wedge Bootie$102 – heels.com Gold Rope Necklace$5.80 – forever21.com Gold Rope & Gem Bracelet$6.80 – forever21.com Feather Drop Earrings$3.80 – forever21.com Butter London Nail […]