FASHION: Crystal Clear

{Old Navy Jeans // Target Shirt & Shoes // Necklace c/o Alison Storry} Accessories are what makes me. If I didn’t have accessories I would just be the walking advertisement and serious supporter of jeans and a tee. 93% of the time this is the start to my outfits for the entire week, weekend are a different story, less fancy and more plaid pj pants with the only added accessory being a bra when company arrives. My eyes are always hunting. Hunting for the perfect everyday necklace or the most adorable earrings or better yet a bracelet I can stack without suffocation. My neck, ears, and wrists can never get enough, much to […]

FASHION: Bambi Beautiful

SHOP THE LOOK// Jeans  –  Top  –  Sweater  –  Boots It’s no joke I enjoy dressing Sofia as much as I do myself, and some days her more than I. Kids clothing is just so, fun, so carefree, it has absolutely no rules and I love that most about it. Their are many things I hope for, for Sofia, one of them is strength and bravery. I hope that she can walk to the beat of her own drum, be herself, love the skin she is in, and I hope she can inspire others to do the same. Recently I found a new, and by new I mean […]

FASHION: Spring is near

Because Fall is nearly over and we can’all use a little wardrobe inspiration for the warmer weather ahead. Am I right or am I right? Nothing beats a washed dark denim, a ridiculously cozy knit, and bracelet wearing boots; I mean it, nothing beats it! Who’s excited to start buying short sleeves and begin baring our skin again? Haul out the tub of body butter we all promised our skin we’d lather it in, and get to it. SHOP THIS LOOK Jeans.  Top.  Sweater.  Boots.  Bag.  Sunnies.

FAMILY: Making a stance in PINK

This Canada-wide campaign I naturally gravitate to, but even more-so now that I am a mother. Growing up I was never bullied, unless of course I can call myself my own bully {I know I’m not alone in this self-love struggle}, but I did see it go on all around me every single day. I stood up for those I felt I could win in a battle against,  and those that needed an army, I gladly called in troops. Bullying goes on whether we know of it or not, starting from childhood and sadly working the way into our adult lives *face in palm*, pretty stupid actually. Some just […]

FASHION: wrap me up in your love

{Old Navy Tee, Jeans, and Boots // Sweater c/o Woolovers // Blue Line Hat // Forever 21 Glasses // Gifted Purse} Casual is sorta’ my thing *toot toot*, yes that’s the sound of me blowing my own horn; but when it comes to making an everyday casual outfit exciting, I honestly think it’s all about the accessories. For me I start with the top and work my way down. How’s my hair, is it socially acceptable or has it crossed the line of being obnoxious? To hat or not to hat, that is the question. Next, we move to the face, earrings are a must, diamond studs […]

FASHION: oh baby!

{Old Navy Jacket and Pants // Target Boots // Bracelets c/o Stella & Dot Stylist Angela // Miss Giggle Buns Headband} My heart, it exploded, Sofia Marie asked me if she could do a photo shoot for the site. I may or may not have screamed a little, dropped absolutely everything I was doing and ran to her closet saying “let’s do this babe, let’s do this!”. Of course she had already picked the outfit out and was ready to go, Ha! what was I thinking? Of course she was. We threw one of mamas’ headbands in and accessorized with her Stella & Dot jewels her zia got her for […]

FEATURE: Best-Dressed-For-Less {date night edition}

I am not always 100% sure how people will react to my choice of attire {frankly I don’t put too much thought into it}, but I know ones things for sure, they will not be saying “I bet she shopped on a budget”. I was asked to tackle date night looks for both Sammy and I over this past weekend during Coquitlam Centre’s Best-Dressed-For-Less event. As if I would pass up on this opportunity, I mean when do I ever get asked to shop on someone else’s dime, and secondly when do Sammy and I ever get to shop together, for ourselves? We accepted the challenge, and […]

FASHION: What I Wore {lion head lovely}

SHIRT zulily CARDIGAN kohls VEST old navy JEANS old navy SHOES old navy {under $10} PURSE 3.1 phillip lim for target NECKLACE forever 21 I love an everyday look that consists of layers upon layers. Their is something about the sheer convenience that as the weather changes within the day, I can simply remove a piece or two for comfort; I blame the mother in me for loving this fact alone. Brands never actually cross my mind as I get dressed in the morning, I base my outfit solely on the fact of what I feel like wearing today. It’s not until I get to the computer and write out this nature […]

FASHION: What I Wore {Code Vitesse}

JACKET kohls SKIRT code vitesse HAT forever 21 NECKLACE forever 21 BRACELETS angel wings accessory SHOES sam edelman Don’t be fooled by the hat, I don’t golf, but pom-poms are sorta’ my thing. If the only downfall to include them in my wardrobe is to accepting the odd nut-job yelling “fore” out his window as I was into mall; I’l take it. This outfit might just be one of my favorites, It’s easy to wear, the skirt is heavely, minus the shoes, I could easily run a marathon in it; you know if marathons were my thing. The bomber jacket sets the look with the cutest golden pineapple, and the hat well let’s just […]

FASHION: What I Wore {The Sparkle Project}

TOP eluxe SKIRT beautulleful GLASSES forever 21 NECKLACE max & chloe BRACELETS h&m SHOES sam edelman {another favorite} This outfit, these photos, they are all me. Obviously you knew that at first glance, but what I really mean is they capture me, who I really am, the best out of any photos taken. I’m honest, caring, sensitive, and loving {I’ve cried over spilt milk, literally}; I live a life how I imagine it should be, wear what I feel beautiful in, and try my hardest to see the comedy show in everything. I love to laugh, to make other laugh, and naturally keep my mouth wide open while I do it {they […]