Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts for the little humans in our lives: 1. BUDSIES: they made last years gift guide, and they make it again this year, why?! because they are that stinkin’ amazing. let your babes get creative and draw an imaginary friend, anything they want, send it to the geniuses at budsies and have them make it into a stuffed toy. how’s that for making dreams come true?! {check out budsies here} 2. OWL MAGAZINE: a subscription magazine for you babes, a gift that keeps on giving, all year ’round. chirp for ages 3 to 6, chickadee for ages 6 to 9, and owl for […]


Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that give back: 1. SOLO EYEWEAR: give the gift of sunglasses while giving a gift of sight to someone in need; each pair of solos purchased, funds eye care for people in need through prescription eyeglasses and sight saving eye surgeries. sorta’ like what toms does for feet in need, solo eyewear does for eyes in need. {visit solo eyewear} 2. 1:FACE WATCH: give the gift of time while giving a gift of hope to others in need; pick from nine causes you want to show support {cancer, hunger, aids, water, animals, education, environment, or red cross} and money from the […]

GIFT GUIDE: creatively beautiful mother’s day gifts

I feel that a mother’s day gift should come from the heart, not a necessity or realistic gift; but one that they don’t know they need and warms their heart knowing that you chose it just for them. My mother’s day gift guide is brought to your by unrealistic yet perfect gifts for the mama we all have and love. …and now for my mother of all gift guides: 1. custom prints that speak to them, remind them, that they are loved. {price: $17.50 by pen and paint} 2. a purse that fits almost everything and comes in a little blue box. {price: $1,500 by Tiffany & […]

Feature: Stella & Dot Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

SHOP 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 Stella & Dot never disappoints, always on trend and always here to please our accessory dreams. This weekend I am featuring Stella & Dot as I can’t think of something MORE fitting for the upcoming holiday of love. A gift for you from your partner, a gift for your daughter from you, or a gift from and to yourself. If you don’t know the in’s and out’s on Stella & Dot know that they are not JUST jewelry, they are purses, clutches, scarves and they have even tapped into the tech […]

My Valentine’s Wish List

If I may; this is just a small list of those things that I would love to see on my pillow the morning of Valentine’s Day. Some like to wake up on the morning of love with flowers and chocolates, although this are both very nice, they eventually die, disappear and add extra rolls to places I’d rather not. I prefer to see items that will live forever, that make me feel warm and cozy on the inside, something that when I see it, I think about how much I am loved. Where better place to find such a gift that keeps on giving; Etsy of course: […]

REVIEW: Our most favorite toys from the holidays

Like every other 2 year old, Sofia Marie wakes up ready to go and plays to the absolute end of her day; if I’d allow her to bring plastic or wooden toys in bed with her, she would. Sofia got a ridiculous amounts of toys over the holidays however a few stand out to me as being her favorite, whether she actually knows it or not. Based on the playtime they get, I determined these 4 items to be her favorite toys from this past Christmas Holiday. 1. KidKraft Wooden Vintage Kitchen — HERE — Sammy and I bought her this gift, however we were far more […]

BRIKA Mother Of All Gift Guides

$25 BRIKA Giveaway We all have mothers to buy for, this is why today I have created a gift guide for the mother’s in our lives. The MOTHER OF ALL Gift Guides. The Motherly Gift Guide. A Gift Guide for the Mama’s. Okay! Okay! You get the point, I have scoped out and found what I feel are some of the best gifts from BRIKA for the mother’s in our lives. 1. because what woman doesn’t love preserves? // Fig & Black Tea Preserves // $9 2. getting cozy to a fabulous quote is a must! // Best is Yet Pillow // $70 3. because woman must […]

Have you shopped BRIKA yet?

You know when it comes to special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries and your totally stumped on what to the special someone, of course along side your main gift, a huge dose of I LOVE YOU MAN?! When events like these come up I crave finding the most perfect gift, something they will not have, never knew they needed, but can’t live with out, and this my friends if why I search out artisans and designers online who have an honest passion and knack for what they do. Their are a few large sites that source amazing talent, hosting them all in one convenient place, ETSY […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie

1. you never know when the queen is going to pop by; at least you’ll have popcorn // Price: $5 // Purchase here 2. waiting for popsicles to freeze is so last year // Price: $50 // Purchase here 3. giving the gift of time, stressfree meals, and a savings on their shopping bills // Price: $8 a month // Purchase here 4. a baker will never have to hold their breath again on their guests first bite // Price: $22 // Purchase here 5. who ever liked the cones anyways; they were really just the vessel to our mouths // Price: $22 // Purchase here 6. seriously, need I explain. these […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Babes

1. why not encourage reading books in this gorgeous canopy; heck I’d run there to read  // Price: $149 // Purchase here 2. because an interactive book is an enjoyed book; for everyone // Price: $27 // Purchase here 3. because everybody deserves a moccasin; young and old // Price: $40 // Purchase here {genuine leather, stylish and functional, snug elastic at the opening make it easy to take on and off} 4. responsibility is big and by doing it this way they can have a pet and be farmers // Price: $60 // Purchase here 5. I don’t doubt the babes would love one of their drawings as a bed […]