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Shop Max & Chloe :: Shop Max & Chloe :: Shop Farfetch You know me, I’m all about my accessories, especially when it comes to statement pieces. However these styles of necklaces are very trendy, and therefore extremely seasonal; and this is why when I buy statement pieces like a bib necklace, my main criteria after it’s beauty is affordability. I found Max & Chloe, an online accessory retailer, than not only sells affordable accessories, but satisfies my statement necklace cravings again and again and again and again {okay, you get it}. If you don’t already know of them, you should, and if you do, it’s a reminder […]

Spot the Steal: Blueberry Bags

What do you think lovelies? ONE or TWO   Although these two beauties are not identical, they do have many similarities  Their ravishing blueberry shade, their golden hardware, and of course their quaint shapes. This weeks Spot the Steal comes in at an ungodly price difference. While one chimes in at $50, the other sinner comes in just under $1,700. One might think with a price difference this large, it would be easy to guess the steal. However I bet a few of you will be surprised at what your eyes tells you. I’m sure it would be a different story if you hands were the decision […]

Spot the Steal: Animal Attraction

What do you think lovelies? Is it ONE or is it TWO?   Who knew an animal head in the fashion world could turn such heads. This “animal head” trend that we see popping up not only on the runway, but in our favorite stores online seems to be exactly that, a seasonal trend. As I personally am not a huge fan, I will not be sad to see it go, whenever it does choose to fade out. But for now, let’s embrace the face, and try and Spot the Steal. Do you think you have what it takes lovelies? While one of these dresses is perfectly priced […]

Spot the Steal: Bralet Beauty

    The bralet trend seems to really be going strong this spring, and if I were a fashion trend guesstimate’or I would say it will stick around into summer, showing even more skin, and causing some serious cases of whip lash. Although this is a trend I am unable to class’ily sport, I can still play from afar. I can appreciate the beauty in these structured works of art, however for the sake of my dignity, I will share it with the world in a way that’s not on my body. What better way than in a Spot the Steal?! Now while one of these bosom babies chimes […]

Spot the Steal: Ankle Strap Heels

      Dainty strappy heels are everything that is anything these days. Spotting them on every runway, and on all shoe shelves across the world. They are the IT shoe for Spring and Summer 2013. Tell me do you love this trend? And also can you Spot the Steal? While one of these strappy number will set your bank account back a whopping $600, the other will leave you shopping for more at a sweet $50. I have have yet to find the perfect strappy heels, but will no doubt have them soon enough. And you can bet your bottom I won’t be spending my daughters […]

Spot the Steal: Artful Shorts

        I don’t know about where you lovelies are at, but here in Vancouver it’s pretty much Summer. With record breathing weather {literally we broke a record from one that was set in the 1940’s}, it’ pretty much the best thing that has happened… well since last Summer. So in the heat of it all, pun intended, I decided on doing this weeks Spot the Steal on shorts. Right? Nothing better suited. Now while one of these pairs will leave you sweating buckets even in the shade, ringing in at almost $600, the other will leave you cool, calm, and collected, at a measly […]

Spot the Steal: Wolf Tee

      Although I am “no fan” of this recent animal face trend going on right now, this doesn’t mean I can’t do a Spot the Steal on it. While one of these Wolf Tee’s is merely $20, the other will set you back a gawd awful price of $155. Can you Spot the Steal? Also comment below if you are “for” or “against” this new animal face tee trend? I’m curious on how this group will swing. 

Spot the Steal: Floral Pants

      Floral Pants must be where the saying “fancy pants” derived from. I’m sure of it! Whether you like the bold feminine statement or not, they are here to stay for the Spring Season ahead of us. Seen in many shades or neon hues, you can get your legs into almost anything floral these days. I myself don’t mind the trend, am actually looking forward to finding something floral that works for me on and upcoming Spring Shopping haul.  Tell me lovelies, with Floral Pants being this weeks Spot the Steal, can you guess which of these beauties is only $25? And can you put your […]

Spot the Steal: Anchors Away

      Anchors Away! This weeks Spot the Steal takes “hitting rock bottom” to the next level. Who could imagine that a sweater this similar in form and style, could be vastly different in price. While one of these these pesky pirates will set us back $258, the other will play nice at a pricetag of $23. I personal prefer the steal, but hey, that’s just me. Tell me lovelies can you Spot the Steal? 

Spot the Steal: Colorblock Wedge

      This weeks Spot the Steal I am most proud of. For how many Spot the Steals I have ever done {I am a mama, don’t have near enough time to actually check}, this one I know I will stump the most of you on. Seriously these two, other than the difference in color combo, are literally identical. Happy guessing lovelies. Can you Spot the Steal?