Spot the Steal: Messenger Bag

      This weeks Spot the Steal is all about the Messenger Bag. The stiff structure, the brilliant hardware, all in the heavenly hues of pink. I can’t get enough of these bags, however once wins my heart, and chequeing account more than the other. While one will set you back just over $2,500 the other will cost you a mere $30. Can you Spot the Steal? 

Spot the Steal: Wide Brimmed Hats

          The wide brimmed hat, or better known in my house as the floppy hat, is such a fabulous accessory for the busy yet fashionable mama. It can be thrown on at the last moment, pulling together an outfit to look beyond chic. All while keeping everyone from seeing you roots which have yet to be done in the last 6 months, or maybe a horrible case of “not enough energy to do something with my hair” type of day. Either way the wide brimmed hat is no doubt a must have in your fashionable mama wardrobe.  This weeks Spot the Steal is […]

Spot the Steal: Cowboy Style

      Cowboy boots, and boots inspired by the western ways are still quite popular. And although I have yet to add anything cowboy-chic into my wardrobe, I have to think twice are I saw one of these pairs of boots above. Almost considering splurging… ALMOST! This weeks Spot the Steal comes thanks to one of you lovelies, for your suggestions I got on my Fan Page. Marisa requested “stylized cowboy boots”… and I do believe I pulled through. While one of these partners lasso’s in at $60, the other leaves some serious branding on your wallets, at $1,100 {I know…. corny right?!}. Can you Spot the Steal?

Spot the Steal: Moto Jacket

      The hottest trend going right now for outerwear is no doubt the Moto Jacket. Seen mostly in Leather, as long as it’s adorned with zippers, a short but snug fit, and gives a bad-ass vibe then it’s on-trend. I love the Moto Jacket and everything it says without works, so this is why it’s today’s Spot the Steal. Although they are similar, they are far from alike when it comes to cost. While one of these bad boys rings in at $34… it counter-part will set you back almost $800. So tell me lovelies can you Spot the Steal? 

Spot the Steal: Embellished Leggings

      Starting off 2013 with a studded Spot the Steal only seemed like the right thing to do. Studs are still  holding strong onto their trendy title, and I am welcoming this with open arms. For me, studs can add just enough edge and detail to an ensemble that makes it easy to pair and also effortless. Throw on your favorite pair of Jeans, with a studded tee and you look as though you spent the entire morning on your days style. I love easy chic! This weeks Spot the Steal may have you fooled… as one of these pairs of embellished leggings  only sets […]

Spot the Steal: Furry Mittens

      …a mitten, is a mitten, is a mitten? This weeks Spot the Steal focuses on keeping our pretty little hands warm, while still staying uncontrollably chic. The last thing we fashion fems need, is to be cold while attempting to look our best. Right? This is why I feel the mitten was invented. So that fashionista’s world-wide can stay feminine, sweet, and chic during the cold winter season. So when asked, if a mitten, is a mitten, is a mitten… the answer is – I think not! While one of these furry friends is priced at $20, the other has a tag price of […]

Spot the Steal: Sequin Overload

      Oh you silly sequins, how you can play tricks on my eyes!This weeks Spot the Steal is all about the glitz, the glam, the glistening sequins.I know, for a fact, that post Christmas, everyone and their dog is going to be looking for their sparkling number in hopes for a love struck New Years Party. Just something about sequins that says “I’m here to have a good time and fall in love”, in this order.So tell me lovelies, can you Spot the Steal? One of these sexy sequin dresses will only set you back $50, while the other will have you cashing in your savings, ringing […]

Spot the Steal: Resin Cuffs

      This weeks Spot the Steal is one I hold near and dear to my heart. The designer of one of these resin cuffs is one that I have always dreamt about owning. A piece of fashion history if you will. Resin has been quite popular this season, from Jewellery to handbag details, I really quite love the material. It shines like no other and its quite light to wear, which is very important for the holiday season when your accessories can sometimes take you from day events to evening parties. Now, while one of these cuff’s rings up at $48 on sale, the other will leave your […]

Spot the Steal: Wonderfully Wool

   Although these coats are far from sharing the same birth mother, they are both gorgeous. Both being the perfect hue of beige, made of wool, with fabulously chic details that no fashionista in her right mind would ever let go unnoticed. Tell me lovelies, can you Spot the Steal. While one of these woollen beauties rings in at just under $100, the other will have you seeing stars with a price tag of $1,600. Do you have what it takes to Spot the Steal? Tell me… do you prefer the “big spender” or the “steal”…. I’d love to hear!

Spot the Steal: Poncho Powerhouse

FIND OUT & SHOP HERE I really do love the Fall Fashion Trend we all call the Poncho. Although a hideous name, I think the trend will stick around this Fall and Winter as its a fabulous way to keep warm while staying chic. This weeks Spot the Steal may have you grasping for air, as one of these babies rings in at just under $50 and the other a whopping $1,000. No I’m not kidding and Holy Hanna, can you believe it?! Designer is nice to have, but at what point do you say enough is enough? Can you Spot the Steal lovelies?