GIFT IDEA; tea lover

In most of my travels I make a tea-lovers out of everyone I meet. Someone who doesn’t like tea has merely not tried the right cup in my eyes. Oh! the problems I’ve solved, the woes I’ve overcome and the many broken hearts I’ve mended over a good cup of tea are beyond measurable. Tea is the band-aid for our soul. I’m not addicted to tea, we’re just in a very committed relationship.  This past weekend was my best friends Bridal Shower and I knew that following suit of the guests, buying from the registry was not mandatory for me. I’m her bestie, friends since grade 3, her maid-of-honor, I knew that I could […]

TEA: Honeycrisp Apple {DAVIDsTEA}

FACT; I drink black tea 97.82% of the time, and as the statistic shows, I don’t venture out into the world of White, Green, Oolong, Pu’erh, Mate, Rooibos, or Herbal teas all that often. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I dislike other teas, I just depend a lot on it and can’t justify switching it up and getting a bad cup in the midst of a wild day that requires me to steam ahead. You know what I mean? *** Hey! I got a secret for you; did you know that I used to write a blog before Little Miss Mama that had NOTHING to do […]

Who even takes a child to High Tea?

Are we crazy for taking a 4 year old for High Tea? Nah! But the ridiculous amount of photos we took while we were there could easily be deemed ludicrous! It was the loveliest of Wednesday afternoons when Sofia, my mama and I went for High Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale. We had a 12pm reservation for 3, and no plans on leaving before our time was up. While mum and I dined on mini croissants stuffed with Hickory Pork and Shiitake Mushroom, Sofia took mini bites making her way through Peanut Butter and Banana Pinwheels. Surprisingly she helped herself a tier a time (it must […]

TEA: When it calls for Stormy Nights

Is it safe to say this tea was made for a Vancouverite? It’s funny how you get used to poor weather, you begin to love what normal is in your city; and for us it’s rain. One of Sofia and I’s favorite things to do is puddle jump, that and leaf boat races in the storm drains. When we wake to find rain, we actually look forward to the day ahead and what childish fun we can get into.  For us, the fall days of dark mornings and raining weather come anticipated, especially after the lovely Summer we had, swapping out beach visits and sand play with puddle jumping […]

RECIPE: An Evening Cup

If you ask (enough times) you shall receive. …or however that saying goes. I’ve had quite a few of you ask me recently how I make my tea in the evenings, you know the cup that turns the day around from “oh god did that really all happen” to an “ah well, tomorrows another day”. Yes, this cup of tea is that good, good enough to turn even the worst of days around. It’s simple to make, but definitely more work than your average cup of tea. Think about it this way, it’s turning your day around, I think the extra 4 minutes of time to complete the […]

Say hello to my little friend; Amoda Tea

*bends in real close and whispers* …it’s tea, delivered to your door step, for under $20 every. single. month. END OF STORY. Okay. Okay. Okay. Not end of story, you must know where I got it from, how to sign up, why you haven’t heard of it until now, and where you can send my chocolates as a token of appreciation. Alright tea grannys’ it’s time to listen up, Amoda Tea is here with your tea subscription that won’t set your monthly budgets into the red. Their is no better way to sip and sample in my mind than with a monthly subscription like this one. Yes we all like Cream of […]

TEA; 3 ways to screw it up

1. YOU HAVE CHILDREN Come’on, you know better than to make yourself a piping cup of tea while the kids are awake. You turn on the kettle, it whistles, you make the call that the basket of 3 day old clean towels deserve your time, you put it off. 18 minutes passes and you remember you were making yourself a cup of sanity, damn it.  You excitedly head on back to the kettle but get asked to play doctor to a stuffed unicorn on the way, in fear of a killing a magical horse that farts sparkles, you play along and strap on the stethoscope like a pro. 7 minutes passes, the unicorn […]

TEA :: oh how I love thee

Something you may not have known about me, I’m a tea lover, and I mean I obsessively drink tea. As in I must have a cup before physically being able to put cohesive sentences together in the morning. As in must top up mid-day with a brew to ensure I make it to dinner without calling for take-out, and I must complete my night with a steaming cup to turn off the brain and fall off asleep soundly. And this my friends is what I mean by obsessively.  Nothing major really, just a girl who loves her camellia sinensis plant. You might think it’s crazy, but I like to call […]

Art for everyone

{images :: source // source // source} You know a few weeks back when I was stumped over the naked walls in Sofia’s bedroom {here is a little reminder}? Well although I couldn’t agree more in thinking that this is the most affordable and easiest ways to get art on your walls; I’m not going to lie, I do often search out places online that might be able to offer me a lot more than images from the pages of Dr. Suess. Did you know there are actual places online that do offer options in affordable art? Places like etsy, ebay, beyond the rack, hautelook, amazon and at […]

Recipe: Simple Vanilla Tea

I could easily turn tea-natzi on you all right now, but I’d rather not scare you away with my minor obsession with the Camellia Sinensis bush. The leaf that a lot of mother depend on to help them get through a crazy day, the leaf that gives us bloggers the extra little umph to get a post together for the morning, or the leaf that gives us a calm ending to rather busy day. I could go on and on and on about Tea, on how it completes my life and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Honestly!I used to write a Tea blog, prior […]