Art for everyone

{images :: source // source // source} You know a few weeks back when I was stumped over the naked walls in Sofia’s bedroom {here is a little reminder}? Well although I couldn’t agree more in thinking that this is the most affordable and easiest ways to get art on your walls; I’m not going to lie, I do often search out places online that might be able to offer me a lot more than images from the pages of Dr. Suess. Did you know there are actual places online that do offer options in affordable art? Places like etsy, ebay, beyond the rack, hautelook, amazon and at […]

Recipe: Simple Vanilla Tea

I could easily turn tea-natzi on you all right now, but I’d rather not scare you away with my minor obsession with the Camellia Sinensis bush. The leaf that a lot of mother depend on to help them get through a crazy day, the leaf that gives us bloggers the extra little umph to get a post together for the morning, or the leaf that gives us a calm ending to rather busy day. I could go on and on and on about Tea, on how it completes my life and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Honestly!I used to write a Tea blog, prior […]

Eye Candy Monday : Tea Edition

Cooking with Tea

{picture thanks to} I have always loved cooking with Tea not because I love Tea, well okay maybe half the reason is this, but its really amazing to infuse foods with flavors one never thought to. When you bite into a regular Shortbread Cookie and get a hint of Lavender Earl Grey, you will know exactly what I mean. On my old Blog, LahTeaDah, I made these Fabulous Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies that were to die for. Had a blast making them, but better yet I enjoyed devouring them. Of course I shared with with my Mum and Dad… because that’s what I always do when I bake. It […]