DIY Edible Playdough

Mother’s MacGyver things in desperation. This week, Edible Playdough was needed. I was looking for something fun. Something both Sofia and Stella could connect over, to play together, bearing in mind their 5 year age gap; this can sometimes be extremely tricky. We’re at a point with Stella where Playdough seems perfect but the safety precautions needed to be taken while she plays with it are not always possible. Trying to find some safe, independent play options was how we came up with the idea of Edible Playdough. Was there such a thing? With a quick visit to Pinterest, I realized myself, along with many other’s had a […]

DIY Hair Salon Kit for Kids

Sofia turned 6 last month and although she asked for pretty much the entire Toys r’ Us flyer I wasn’t interested in something I could find at a toy store. This time around I wanted something I knew she would use, unlike that Hatchimal that’s currently collecting dust under her bed. NO REALLY! It’s under her bed, thanks to a survey I’m conducting to see how long it takes her to realize her beloved $90 toy it’s missing. We’re sittin’ at just over 4 weeks right now people, whatever point I’m trying to prove, is being proven, but something tells me it will backfire. IT ALWAYS BACKFIRES! […]

FEATURE: Doodles By Me Shoes

I doubt this is going to come as a surprise but Sofia and I, WE LOVE A GOOD CRAFT. Clearly glitter runs through our veins and if crafting can be hereditary then it’s no doubt she got it from her mama! I stumbled across this company when looking for an indoor shoe that Sofia could take and keep at school. Once the request form rolled out in it entirety (this kindergarten thing is serious business) I was left with a very specific check-list of what they wanted in an indoor shoe for these kidlets. They must be able to put them on themselves (no tie-up shoes) They had […]

DIY: Front Door Fairy Garden

We FINALLY tackled a project we’ve been wanting to do now for 365 days, quite possibly more, it’s just you loose count after a year, which is probably best. Since Fairy Gardens became a thing we’ve wanted to make one for our home, but it wasn’t until last Friday that our desire and determination saw eye-to-eye and we set our entire day to the making of our first Fairy Garden as a family.  Sofia and I took the morning to pop out bright an early to Garden Works for the plants that we would want in our little magical garden (you may have been following along here). We had […]

FAMILY: Crafts, an excuse for making forever friendships

As each month passes we get another adorable shot of our little people all together! What’s really fun about seeing these group shots is all these kids come from men who grew up together, some since kindergarten. Between us 5 wives, which we all met through our husbands, Ashley, Angela, Jenieve, Maria and myself, we’ve got 8 kids and 2 on the way. The ratio, as you can see is 2 girls to 6 boys but you would never know it if you were to be a fly on the wall during one of our monthly crafter’noons. They play together so well with no sides, this past week […]

DIY: Ice Wand {elsa inspired}

Can you believe that Frozen is still as popular as it is, after all this time? That was a trick question, of course it is, just like all the other amazing Disney flicks that we all know and love. Truthfully, if I look back and try to recall how many times I watched and re-watched Disney’s Cinderella, I’m sure it would be along the same lines of Sofia’s tally of times she’s seen Frozen. It’s just one of those movies that will be a forever classic! You may remember we went to Disney’s Frozen on Ice a few weeks ago and while I knew and was ready to drop […]

DIY: Holiday Bath Bombs

We try and do this as often as we can, get all the babes together under one roof for a fun craft’ernoon with their “pretty much family” friends. Close since they were born, the ages now range from 8 months to 6 years old, finding a craft that everyone can do is not easy, but this one at least everyone can use. Last month we did a Halloween inspired playdate which we managed to make bowls and bowls of Monster Slime and boy was it fun! This time around we changed seasons and geared our craft around the upcoming Christmas holiday. We had all the kids make Peppermint Bath […]

DIY Cardboard Box Laundry Set

My bestfriend, Sofia’s Auntie Lindsay knows we love crafts, so when she walked through the front door with not one but two life-size boxes Sofia and I both found ourselves running in circles of excitement. Her for the glue gun and me for supplies and my laptop; Hello Pinterest! We looked at millions of creative and fun options, from castles, to tunnels, to a car, plane and boat, but it’s actually funny how Sofia was head strong on making a Wash Machine as soon as she saw the inspiration in Pinterest. It does make sense though, her most favorite thing to do is play dolls, and with 4 babies […]

DIY: Monster Slime

The inspiration came from 2 completely different angles, a desire to want to get all the babes together again and of course the season of monsters and gobblins, Halloween. And so here we have it, a wild playdate geared around making a monster mess with Monster Slime. All our husbands grew up together, we all got married around the same time, give or take a few years and course kids came thereafter, give or take a few years. So of course getting them together as often as we can is something us wives do often, but it’s not always easy. The kids ages range from 2 to […]

DIY Golden Alphabet Play

I get it, it’s not difficult, nor crazy costly, and I’m not claiming to be re-designing the wheel here; I share this DIY simply for inspiration. I, like many others parents find the house can easily get riddled with toys and feel cluttered daily. Whatever your clean-up concept may be, a few times a day or one grand clean up at the end of the day, leaving a few less chaotic pieces out to spark play the next day is what I like to do. Why gold? Well it all started when I got this bottle of gold spray paint in my hands, you knew it was going to be trouble. Spraying all […]