DIY: Little Tikes Home Makeover

This project has been a long time coming, literally. Thanks to date stamps I can tell you that this makeover has taken us 13 months to complete. Started last July with a good scrub down cleaning, and storing safely away from everything dirt just before the change in weather. We had good intentions to get it done last Summer but so much got in the way we had to wait until this year to complete this little project for little Miss Sofia Marie. It’s funny how it happened actually, no real plans were made to get it done last week but we had a few hours sans-child (thanks […]

CRAFT: Octo-Roll

I may have saved every single toilet paper roll over the course of a year, and I may need to stop thinking of ideas on what to do with them and start actually doing them. So to start this Sunday off right, I give you our ridiculously adorable Octo-roll’s. Thanks to a few empty toilet paper rolls, some paint, glue, yarn, googly eyes and a black marker we put together these little stinkers last week and they’re just too cute for words. They hang on the wall above Sofia’s art station and she nearly giggles every time she seems them. Olly and her find the legs are like a lucrative […]

CRAFT: Mason Jar Pets

Crafts that are as fun to shop for as they are to make are some of my favorites. Combine my love of shopping for my DIY obsession and you have the perfect equation for a day spent with my little one. Sofia and I have a flat of Mason Jars that have been calling our names for months, and last week we had about enough; it was time to get creative. Her and I popped out to our local dollar store and pet supply store and picked up all we needed to make a mason jar pet. We left the house wanting our newest member of the […]

DIY: Mason Bee House

This past Sunday was epic, because I said so! Now with me working Friday and Saturday our Sundays are extra special, it’s our time as a family to connect, explore, have fun but most importantly, be together. This last Sunday we hit our local Farmers Market, the Port Moody Winter’s Farmers Market, and not only shopped our list of weekly necessities, but also got our craft on. Sammy and Sofia were registered in a Mason Bee Workshop that was put out by the Farmer’s Market and hosted by Dr. Veronica Wahl, from the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College, where she taught them all about Mason Bee’s, including walking […]

DIY Easter Bunny Babies

Morning crafts happen not as often as Sofia would like, but let me tell you I do my best to make them happen as much as I can. As a blogger my evenings usually consist of me getting the end end of an inbox that seems like a cruel joke played by outlook, writing content for the site, and catching up on what has gone on during the day via social media. When this is done, it’s when I clock out and if it’s sometime before midnight I will normally hit up Pinterest and see what I can muster up planning for the next morning shinanigans. Something […]

DIY: Somewhere over the Rainbow

THIS is what come from spending 2 hours on Pinterest. A morning consisting of cutting, painting, and gluing, all things that make the absolute perfect start to any toddlers day. As a few of you saw on Instagram, I had a craft table setup for Sofia to discover on Friday morning. It consisted of a paper plate, a few strips of white cardstock, watercolors, glue, a black felt pen, and googly eyes. She woke up Friday and actually never even noticed it, straight to the couch to catch up with her buddies Toopy & Binoo. We got through the catchy intro and into about 5 minutes of the […]

DIY: night time toddler torch

I get it, I get it, this sounds horribly unsafe, but now that you’ve seen it tell me you aren’t in love? This night time toddler torch has made its way into our daily lives, go figure. Every night at about 7pm we turn every single light off in our home and navigate ourselves with only the light from Sofia’s torch through out her bedtime routine. From the living room to the bathroom to brush our teeth and use the toilet, into Sofia’s bedroom to pick out her jammies and bedtime story. She clutches onto the handle the whole time we read her a book and then off it […]

RIP Playdoh?

Our house has always been a Playdoh home. Catch us any given rainy day, and in Vancouver this sums up most of our Fall and Winter days, we will be setup for an afternoon or inedible, wild colored but un-mixed {hello ocd family}, pizza parlor or ice cream shop. It’s hands down our go to fun if we, and by we I mean I, don’t wish to spend our evening cleaning up the aftermath of a crafternoon; dried white glue, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and beads scattering the floor {that olly-man has yet to find}. If we don’t craft we Playdoh. That is UNTIL NOW… We were gifted Kinetic Sand this holiday […]

FEATURE: 4Cats Art Studio FUN

Their are these two amazing woman. Lisa and Marnie. They’re related, cousins, awesome-ness runs in their family. They own a 4Cats Art Studio, located in Port Coquitlam, and in my eyes they’re the bees knees. They’re living their dream, and that pretty much makes my first statement true, but if you need here’s another reason. I hosted a fun event at their studio last week in hope to do two things, one, see some of my most favorite mama bloggers again before the new year, and two, keeping Sofia up way past her bedtime just to see how much wilder a bedtime routine could get. Only kidding, […]

DIY: Coffee Filter Flowers

Although spring is long gone, this doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a nice bouquet of fresh flowers? In most places Fall usually means spending more time indoors anyways, so as it’s done for us, this little DIY will come in handy. Although I’d like to take all the credit for keeping your toddler out of your hair for good hour, I just can’t, our inspiration came from none other than our best blogger buddy Jen, who writes over at Mama. Papa. Bubba, she made these genius coffee filter flowers with her little one, Gracen. Hop on over to Jen’s site and get the step by step, in adorable images, on making […]