TRAVEL: Tofino Family Vacation

Tofino has this little piece of real estate in my heart. Even though I’ve been there very little, it will always be my happy place. Sammy proposed to me in Tofino back in 2007 and then back again this past month 9 years later in a long overdue family vacation. I’m not talkin’ me, Sammy and Sofia, I’m talking the whole crew, my parents, our family, my brother and his family and sister and her family. All 12 of us loaded up and headed to Tofino for a little R&R over the BC Family Day long weekend.  Family vacations, when they involve this many people are not […]

TRAVEL: Tofino, here we come!

The last time I was in Tofino, this happened, and as you can imagine life changed drastically. A wedding, future family plans, and house shopping; that little monumental trip did all that. And now we’re going back, 9 years later, but this time we’re not alone, we are travelling with our little and our family, in celebration of my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary! I’m so very excited to be going back, for far too many reasons to list, but what I will say is that I am sure it will be another amazing trip that will go down in history (no, but really Tofino, this is your warning […]

TRAVEL: Whistler Winter Vacation {with littles}

Hotel suites newly renovated, dreamy beds, perfect for families {in Whistler Village} suites have separate rooms, stocked kitchens and beautiful views into Whistler village more info via Delta Whistler Village Suites Candy store perfect for every child, young and old {in Whistler Village; near the kids playground and IGA} find both modern day and nostalgic candy from around the world, perfect for our gingerbread houses more info via The Glass Elevator Candy Shop Delicious affordable food; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner {in Whistler Village; near Delta Hotel & The Gap} everything on the menu is just $4.95, all day, everyday, with great options for kids more info via El Furniture Warehouse Free Ice Skating and […]

TRAVEL: Ditch The Hotel, 7 Better Options

Your next trip doesn’t have to be in a hotel room, and could quite possibly be the best trip you’ve had because of it. Taking your travel plans into your own hands is probably the best thing you could do if you ask me (assuming that’s what you’re doing right now, asking me). Don’t even for one second think you can’t do it yourself, especially with so many user friendly options out there. Doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or a family booking, you must look into these 7 websites for travel accommodations. We’ve used 2 of these platforms already on 3 vacations and plan on […]

TRAVEL: #TheCiullasDoHarrison

A little picture-heavy sneak peek into our family vacation in Harrison Hot Springs. It’s our 2nd annual trip, with our 3rd already securely booked on our way out this past Wednesday. Harrison just feels right for us, and now that we’ve discovered that Harrison Hot Springs Resort also has cottages I think the locals will see us more than just once a year. I’m dying to dip my toes into the springs with nothing but snow around us. HELLO CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! If you missed it, yesterday we posted 6 things you must do in Harrison Hot Springs, make sure you keep this in your back pocket the next […]

TRAVEL: 6 Things You Must Do In Harrison Hot Springs

Our annual trip to Harrison Hot Springs has sadly come to a close and the only reason why I feel okay with that, is upon check-out we secured our next trip back. If you’ve been creeping along on Instagram, fabulous, if you’ve not, you must be having a busy week. I get it, it happens, and this is why I am coming at with you 6 of the absolute MUST DO things in Harrison Hot Springs the next (or first time) you visit. Of course after you finish reading this, head over to Instagram and check out all the trouble we got into over the last 3 […]

TRAVEL: Harrison Hot Springs, Here We Come!

We’re going to pay the Sasquatch another visit! Oddly enough we went to Harrison Hot Springs this exact time last year. After booking our trip I realized it was the exact same dates as we went in 2014. How’s that for planning? Last years travels plans were with 4 of our favorite little families, but this year only 2 can make it while 3 others will be coming in for a day of fun at the Waterslides. It won’t be the same without them at the resort, but I’ll take what I can get! We’re not steering too far from how we did it last year, only because it was […]

TRAVEL: Is the Disney Photopass+ worthy of it’s hype?

Yes! Straight up, it’s worth every last penny, the entire 6,995 pennies that it cost ($69.95 if you buy it at least 14 days prior to your visit or $99.95 purchased anytime) it was worthy of, and more. Coming home knowing that I had just over 160 photos of me and my family together inside the park made this girl as happy as a clam. So here is how it works: 1. Buy the photopass+ online here 2. Wait for the package to arrive in the mail (a photopass voucher and a CD with stock images) 3. Register online as per the instructions on the voucher, tuck it […]

TRAVEL: The Best of California Adventure Park

Stepping into California Adventure Park was like walking into a scene from a movie. The last time I was at Disneyland, California Adventure was no such thing. Let that soak in a while (yes it’s been that long)! You can imagine when we got there just how exciting this was for everyone, adults included. A whole other park to play in and soak up, and if I may (don’t curse my name disney-obsessed people) this side of the magical world reigns supreme in shows. From the Frozen Sing-Along to Disney Junior’s Live on Stage, we were all in awe to the standards of their entertainment. California Adventure Park is mesmerizing! […]

TRAVEL: The Best of Disneyland!

The land of magic, the land of love, the land of happy tears, toddler first crushes and of course cotton candy! Disneyland was more than we ever imagined it would be. Not only seeing it ourselves again after a 20+ year hiatus, but seeing it through the eyes of miss Sofia Marie. In awe of everything around us, we took our first moments in the park to just look, soaking absolutely every bit of magic possible. We walked in the gates, and within moments Mickey Mouse walks right in front of us giving us a little wave. SERIOUSLY?! The dream had just been made in all our […]