Screwed over by convenience

Convenience doesn’t always make your life easier. LET ME EXPLAIN Two weeks ago our wash machine decided “yup, now’s a good time to screw this awesome family over, let’s go ahead and burn our rubber seals out and call it a life.”. Really, truly, he said it just like that! I was hanging around in the basement while Sofia had a shower, should she need any help I was close by. I was tidying up our always ignored media room, organizing the toy piles (am I right people, it’s really just moving toys into neat piles when storage is lacking), and that’s when I heard it. The […]


This morning was TOUGH… Sofia made the decision to stop dance. You guys! that wasn’t even the tough part. It’s not that she doesn’t like it anymore (because she loves dance), or that we just don’t have the time (for dance we would always make the time), but she wants to quit because her teacher just rubs her the wrong way. She went out of her dance comfort zone (only always done ballet) and tried something new, Hip Hop, however since starting the class a new temporary teacher was put in place. She was a little shocked at first as he was a HE, but eventually warmed […]

DIY: Bee Feeder {#bringbackthebees}

The bees gotta drink too yah know!   With so much talk around saving our bees I thought I would touch a little bit onto why it’s so important we ALL pay attention to this news flash. It’s nothing like Kylie Jenners lipstick having a faulty brush kinda’ news, it’s like Donald Trump is the new President of the United States kinda’ news, shocking, scary and sad. Listen up you guys, these little bees do a lot for us, more than just give us honey and make Honey Nut Cheerios extra delicious; here is why it’s so important that we help them out in anyway we can!  DID […]

FEATURE: Best Swimsuits Online {hands down}

That time that I ordered 4 bathing suits online wondering if I would get lucky to at least keep 1 Sometimes ordering things online can feel riskier than playing the lotto with your child’s savings account. Honestly though, I doubt a great deal of us would put all our trust in buying lingerie or bathing suits online. Am I right? The quality, the fit and the comfort is just so important on these kinds of purchases that we’re most comfortable going into a store and trying things on before handing over the dough. But with how things are going, online shopping gives us the best bang for […]

FASHION: Basic Betty {maternity style}

Maternity Midi T-Shirt Dress by Old Navy North Chicago Flats by Aldo Shoes Tom Ford Anoushka Sunglasses c/o SmartBuy Glasses  Custom Necklace c/o Citrus Silver When I’m on a trip with my family, one that has me playing tourist most of our stay, I always plan for easy outfits, think basic Betty. I take into consideration the weather and of course always always pack accessories. Accessories are my way of taking a simple outfit to the next level, a level like I’ve actually put some thought into my look. Dressing a baby bump the second time around has been all about the basics, while adding in non-maternity items I […]

BEST OF NETFLIX; for the bath

The bubbles, they don’t judge. The bar of soap, it doesn’t care. The razor, it could really care less. You know those shows you can’t stop watching but would never want someone knowing you actually pulled an all-nighter watching again. The shows you’ve memorized your favorite lines on and actually use them in your head on a daily basis, How you doin’? Yeah! Those ones. Those are what I call “The Best of Netflix Bubble Bath Edition” and today I let mine out of the bag. I’m going out on the limb here and sharing my guilty pleasures, in hopes that you won’t judge my choice of re-re-re-re-runs. Really […]

FAMILY: Mama Daughter Date

Granville Island is one of those places you just must do when you’re in town and the weather is cooperating. Even though it’s a total tourist attraction, the fact alone that is jam-packed of locals means it’s not just a facade. While I love the live entertainment around every corner, Sofia would fight me on that being the best thing the market has to offer. She’s pretty smitten with the outdoor park, water slide {which run May 17th to September 1st} and children’s market which has literally everything a child would need to function day to day {toys, clothing, candy, and a indoor play centre}. I for one love the local […]

TV TALK: What’s in my PVR

I’m sorta’ thinking that the whole “what’s in my bag” thing is over-played, no? Let me introduce you to the new way to snoop peoples lives without evening having to ask; find out what shows are over flowing their pvr. Because we all know judging a person based on their personal tv guide is really how it’s done. If you were to come to my house tonight, curl up on the couch with a big ‘ol cup a tea, this is what we would find on our pvr; 3 episodes of Love, Lust or Run Yo Gabba Gabba {weather} Modern Family {rash decisions} 2 episodes of Love […]

BEAUTY: Mascara with big impact

We’re back! November was a crazy month for me and although the ladies from the BEAUTY BUST! Team were more than ready, I wasn’t. So now that we’re back, naturally it makes sense to come with a BANG! I asked and once again these ladies delivered; I wanted to know the best mascaras that make the biggest impact. I’m talkin’ falsies without all the fuss, and by fuss I mean glue {damn it! if it takes me 45 minutes to put on lashes; ain’t nobody got time for that!}. So without further ado, here are the best mascara’s for the biggest impact: I’m not too attached to any […]


Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that give style {for you and your home}: 1. MAX & CHLOE: this necklace if my everyday; some may think this is far too bold for an everyday, but not for this girl. either way this is a perfect piece for that person in your life that loves accessories. big, bold, and beautiful {don’t be mistaken, i’m describing the necklace not myself}. {check out the piece here} 2. Ookpix: these acrylic instagram tiles reek style, home style that is. choose an image you love, upload it with ease on the ookpix website, and get it to your door fast. ordered a set myself, […]