Home Renovation Update + Wall Slicks Review

I feel like you’re all waiting on a basement renovation update? Right?! I mean it has almost been 3 weeks; you must be hanging near the edge in excitement and pretty much bitten off all your pretty little nails by now. Sorry to keep you hangin’ like that folks. So our basement renovations has somewhat come to a halt since I last updated you, for a few reasons. ONE our labor is tired; my husband and dad literally work around the clock in getting this place as gorgeous as it is. They both work full-time and then come home and put more hours in with payment as […]

TUTORIAL: Reusable Band-aids

I’m so excited to bring you this DIY thanks to April from Little Squirrel Creations. Saw her post on Facebook and asked if she would be nice enough to share a tutorial on how to make them with my readers. Sofia Marie is going through the whole “doctor” phase right now, putting band-aids on everything, dolls, stuffed animals, people, anyone that will sit long enough to pretend they are badly hurt and needing her care. She loves to make people “all-better” and as we all know a band-aid fixes everything. At the rate we are currently going, it’s going to cost me $20 a week to let […]

BAKE-OFF Pasta Alfredo

Would you believe my husband is Italian and we rarely eat pasta in this house. Honestly. Not because we don’t both love it, I mean who doesn’t love pasta, other than those who are celiac, or play celiac, or who are following the Wheat Belly lifestyle, or those who choose their bikini over their cover-up. Either way you play it peeps it’s strange that we don’t make pasta more often in our house as we both thoroughly enjoy a big’ol bowl of starch. When my buddy Hillary came up with doing Chef Michael Smith’s Fetticcini Alfredo as our next bake-off, I couldn’t be more pumped. Not just […]

BAKING: Banana Nutella Muffins

I teased you all with some images on our instagram feed Monday as we baked these ooey gooey delights, it’s only right I come through with the recipe — and in a timely manner of course, 48 hours, I think that’s petty good, no?! You see, we’ve spent many-oh-days at my parents house over the last 5 weeks with only one thing in mind, DIRTY LAUNDRY. Since starting our renovations we’ve been without our washer and dryer and every mother knows that laundry with a babe accumulates quickly. I hit my mama and papa up for their laundry services at least once a week but more than […]

BAKING: Heart-Shaped Buns

Seriously, if someone told me for the rest of my life I would be baking in the kitchen alongside this kid, I would be pleased as punch. happy as a clam. as happy as a pig in…. okay you get the idea. I love cooking with my baby girl. She is so very helpful and it fills my heart to see her feeling so proud of her finished product. It’s just so exciting to bring the babes into the kitchen with us, I think it can only be a good thing. A messy thing yes, but also a very good thing importantly. I have such fond memories, […]

FASHION: #moms30for30 recap

Dress: eshakti// Scarf: Phillip Lim for Target // Purse: Fendi // Belt: Joe Fresh // Bracelet: H&M // Shoes: Target  As some of you caught wind, I have been playing with some amazing fashion-fem’s and challenging myself for the month of February. I joined my girl Pink Chai and chose 30 pieces of clothing to work with over the next 30 days.  Creating ensembles I wouldn’t normally pick, but merely because it’s all I have to work with. WHY?! you ask… for a few reasons. I have wanted to join a #30for30 for quite sometime now, about 3 years to be frank — to save money, as […]

Feature: Cheekychops Baby Sleeping Tips + Giveaway

By a show of bags, who needs more sleep here? This is why I’m beyond excited to be bringing you all today two incredible things that are going to change your life. Okay — well maybe 1 thing for certain and the other you’ll have to take a stab at winning and if you do, it will be life altering; I SWEAR! First and foremost let me introduce to to your newest BFF, Cheekychops Sleep Consultant Marnie. She’s pretty much the next best thing to a sleeping pill; however Marnie is far safer for you and your friends won’t judge you based on your choice to use […]

BAKE-OFF: Snack Mix

We’re back at it people, it’s 2014 and we have tackled yet another bake-off. Once again I have taken one for the team with a Snack Mix that will not only put you in a coma I am sure of it, but it will be the perfect mix to make for this upcoming Sunday football game I am hearing so much hype about. What is it anyways, seriously people it JUST a football game {only half kidding}.  Anyways, this dish will not only please the super-bowler in everyone, but also the toddlers who are getting dragged along into the game. Hey — this could be some good […]

My Valentine’s Wish List

If I may; this is just a small list of those things that I would love to see on my pillow the morning of Valentine’s Day. Some like to wake up on the morning of love with flowers and chocolates, although this are both very nice, they eventually die, disappear and add extra rolls to places I’d rather not. I prefer to see items that will live forever, that make me feel warm and cozy on the inside, something that when I see it, I think about how much I am loved. Where better place to find such a gift that keeps on giving; Etsy of course: […]

FEATURE: Amazon introduces us to MYHABIT

Did you hear? Amazon has done another good thing besides providing us with our every essentials at wicked pricing. They have tapped into the “private shopping club” market. Daily boutiques that give you extremely low pricing on items we find ourselves lusting over but never splurging on. Hot Damn! — so pumped about this!!! Meet MYHABIT So like Beyond the Rack and Hautelook, they dish out daily deals on a number of boutiques including Womans, Mens and Childrens clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor including designer outlets. Our dreams are coming true ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Closets filled with quality designer pieces with Old Navy price tags! Holy […]