DIY Edible Playdough

Mother’s MacGyver things in desperation. This week, Edible Playdough was needed. I was looking for something fun. Something both Sofia and Stella could connect over, to play together, bearing in mind their 5 year age gap; this can sometimes be extremely tricky. We’re at a point with Stella where Playdough seems perfect but the safety precautions needed to be taken while she plays with it are not always possible. Trying to find some safe, independent play options was how we came up with the idea of Edible Playdough. Was there such a thing? With a quick visit to Pinterest, I realized myself, along with many other’s had a […]

I cried; can I blame the head cold? {VLOG}

I didn’t have anything to share today, and I wasn’t about to stage anything because we’re not the Kardashians. So instead I went on camera, planning on telling you why I didn’t have a vlog for today and things just started to flow. The next thing you know I’m crying on the way to buy new Bath Towels. You guys, I cried! Can I blame the head cold? I can totally blame illness on emotions right?! If not that then Motherhood, I know I can blame that with ease.  Either way, today we got a little real, more real than I even planned. Answering a questions of […]

How to not get your baby to sleep! {VLOG}

Likely the worst idea I’ve had all year (it’s a good thing we’re only 5-days in), but it’s something I had ZERO CONTROL over. You see, Sofia has an art class earlier this week that ran through the middle of Stella’s afternoon nap. Sammy was at work and all my other options for help were not available (aka my mama was busy, and my bestie is out of town), so I had no choice but to play the dangerous game of KEEP BABY AWAKE. Click on the play button above, or check it out here on our youtube channel. See how we all did in trying to Keep Stella […]

Christmas; in 2 minutes {vlog}

Clearly one cannot do anything CHRISTMAS in 2 minutes; baking Christmas cookies, Christmas karaoke with Uncle Pete, wrapping Christmas presents, writing Christmas cards… not one of these things can be done in under 2 minutes. BUT thanks to fancy editing software, 3 cups of tea, 2 slices of cheesecake and hours behind the computer I’ve created for your our Christmas in 2 minutes.  For me, the most magical part of Christmas, is the excitement that builds around Santa and getting to live it through the eyes of Sofia and Stella.  Seriously, Christmas in 2 minutes… of course you have the time!   CHECK IT OUT above or else […]

Cutting Down our Christmas Tree {VLOG}

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING; I thought you said you were on vacation until the 27th. This is true, I am, BUT we did put out another vlog today on our YouTube Channel and I did not want you missing it. It’s an extra special one.  We went out this past weekend and cut down a Christmas Tree. I know! I know! SO LATE, right? But we had no choice with the tree farms not being open when our family’s schedule was clear and then we were away in Whistler for 4 days. Like many other families, we’re at the mercy of WEEKENDS when it comes to […]

Crazy Kids Playground in Whistler {VLOG}

SHE ALMOST FLEW OFF; Crazy Kids Playground in Whistler! We love the kids playground in Whistler, it’s actually a lot of what the girls talk about when we get home. It’s built out of real logs with playground parts, like a slide, ladder, pole and swings, but walking past… it’s more of an art piece, remove the childish screams as you walk by and it could totally pass for that. IT’S GORGEOUS is what I am saying, gorgeous and functional, conveniently located next to a Starbucks, so really it’s a parents dream. Thank you Whistler Canada, nice move! One of our favorite parts to Whistler Village, besides […]

Road Trip to Whistler {VLOG}

  It was our annual Road Trip to Whistler; I packed for cold but clear weather… it’s what the weather report told us! But when we arrived… snow covered the village, a snowsuit was a must if you were going outside and toques and gloves were not an option. IT WAS FREEZING! Traveling with kids carries it’s own set of surprises, however this one completely threw us off our game. We were expecting clear skies, cold winds but ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of snow! We could not have been more wrong! Every year over the Holidays our family bundles up and heads on a Road Trip to Whistler for a […]

Our version of Elf on the Shelf {VLOG}

You’re no stranger to the Elf on the Shelf; whether or not you have one, you’ve heard of it….  Something just didn’t sit right with me when the whole Elf-thing started. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just knew that it wasn’t the right choice for us as a family. LOVED the concept behind the fun and magic it brings to the Holidays, so I came up with my own little idea. MORTIMER THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE He comes around every year on the 1st of December, sent straight from the North Pole, from Santa himself. We celebrate the Holidays together and channel the real […]

Lifestyle Change; Paleo Diet {VLOG}

  Forced into a Paleo Diet Lifestyle….  I can explain; I don’t take the word forced very lightly, don’t think someone has pushed us into something we don’t want to do, but should we want to live a long healthy life, based on both Sammy and mines family history, it’s best we follow these recommendations for us. The Paleo Diet is not new to us, Sammy used to follow it a year or two ago, it was a short-term recommendation to help with his overall health. However our Naturopath is now recommending we both follow the Paleo Diet for good, for our health and wellness, as we’re both […]

We’re going to the Wiggles {VLOG}

READY, STEADY, WIGGLE! Who remembers the Wiggles from their children growing up? It’s so funny, I had no idea the Wiggles were as big as they were, and went so far back until I started talking about our love for the children’s performers. My sister’s kids were big into the Wiggles and my oldest nephew just turned 16. The more I talk about them on social media the more I realize these guys go WAY BACK, people are commenting saying their kids, who just turned 20+ years loved them too. Naturally members have changed a few times as the years have progressed and I maybe bias but I […]