{mini} FASHION: Smile Days

{Joe Fresh Shirt // Joe Fresh Pants // Jacket c/o Memoiyo // Shoes c/o Over the Loom} This smile, it’s what I live for. Straight up real-life, honest smiles, there is really nothing better. Sofia is such a silly kid at heart, she loves to laugh and better yet make others laugh, especially when they’re showing anything but a smile on their face. I look to this as someone who is extremely loving, caring and of course showing concern of others emotions around her. That to me shows I’ve done something right. Am I right mamas? You know what I love about this age, real opinions. Before I could just throw […]

{mini} FASHION: DEE-NIM Custom Style

{Joe Fresh Shirt // Jeans c/o Memoiyo // H&M Cardigan // Joe Fresh Shoes // Baby Alive Doll} I’ve been hearing things like “I’m just like you now mama!” and “we’re twins mama!” but my my ultimate favorite is the “mama, we’re pretty much the same human now.”. This all coming at me every since she landed her first pair of Jeans from Memoiyo. Custom denim without the custom denim price tag one would think; ummm yes please! We now officially own 2 pairs of jeans and a jean jacket and our obsession has only just begun with Memoiyo. With each and everyone of their pieces being custom our wants and […]

FASHION: Our Top 5 Children Retailers

We love to shop in this house, I know this will come to no surprise, but what you may not know is we have a core group of our favorite retailers. Some local companies I’m uber proud of (I’m pointing at you Over the Loom and Memoiyo) and other large corporations that always bring adorable style with ridiculous prices. Today we share our top 5 mini retailers; as per both Sofia and I. 1. Old Navy //shoes & shorts 2. Joe Fresh //romper & shoes 3. Memoiyo //vest & shorts 4. Over the Loom //dress & jacket 5. H&M //shoes & hat TELL US some of your […]

{mini} FASHION: Fashionable Advice

{Joe Fresh Jeans // Shirt c/o Melijoe // Old Navy Vest // Target Shoes // Miss Giggle Buns Headband } When Sofia gets new clothes she must wear it yesterday. It’s quite serious actually, I have to be sure that I wash any new clothing before she even sets eyes on them, as once she catches wind of the new residence moving into her closet she is all about how fast she can get into them. Could this actually be a gene that I have passed along to her? Like eager-fashion-beaver or something? I dunno what it is, but no doubt we both have it in our blood. …mama, these clothes make me smile […]

FASHION: Bambi Beautiful

SHOP THE LOOK// Jeans  –  Top  –  Sweater  –  Boots It’s no joke I enjoy dressing Sofia as much as I do myself, and some days her more than I. Kids clothing is just so, fun, so carefree, it has absolutely no rules and I love that most about it. Their are many things I hope for, for Sofia, one of them is strength and bravery. I hope that she can walk to the beat of her own drum, be herself, love the skin she is in, and I hope she can inspire others to do the same. Recently I found a new, and by new I mean […]

FASHION: oh baby!

{Old Navy Jacket and Pants // Target Boots // Bracelets c/o Stella & Dot Stylist Angela // Miss Giggle Buns Headband} My heart, it exploded, Sofia Marie asked me if she could do a photo shoot for the site. I may or may not have screamed a little, dropped absolutely everything I was doing and ran to her closet saying “let’s do this babe, let’s do this!”. Of course she had already picked the outfit out and was ready to go, Ha! what was I thinking? Of course she was. We threw one of mamas’ headbands in and accessorized with her Stella & Dot jewels her zia got her for […]

FASHION: What I Wore {Code Vitesse}

TOP code vitesse SKIRT code vitesse SCARF phillip lim for target NECKLACE vintage BRACELETS h&m SHOES beyond the rack You know the feeling when you slip into your favorite pair of sweats, curl up on the couch with a big ol’ cup of tea, a bowl of warm pumpkin pie and a pvr full of reality shows your embarrassed to admit you enjoy? That feeling like nothing could be better at that very moment? Yeah, that’s the way I felt in this outfit, just far more socially acceptable than the painted image above. CODE VITESSE Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest Let me introduce you to Canadian made, Code Vitesse. […]

FAMILY: first day of school

The first day of school has come, and gone. Sofia is snug in her bed, the house is pin-drop silent, and I have a big-ol cup of tea as I sit and cry the evening away click through images, remembering our amazing day. How does this happen? Like I know HOW it happens smart-ass, but I wan’t to know HOW THE HECK this happens in what feels like a nano second. Trying to hold on to today’s’ amazing moments, from our morning cartoon session with daddy, to our back-to-school breakfast {at her request, huge-mongus strawberry croissants, frozen raspberries, and apple sauce}, to making the teachers a special sticker riddled, […]

FIVE THINGS {weekly link-up}

The five ensembles I wish I could pull off as flawlessly as my daughter: 1. crop top, tutu, and plastic shoes. do you know how much this would open up my wardrobe; being able to create combinations only the crazy could pull off, would not only do a lot for options but also my fear of not looking approachable. 2. joggers, fairy costume, and a jacket with bunny ears. if people could actually take me seriously in an outfit like this, who knows what i could do; run for mayor of toronto maybe, i hear the position is open. 3. cat ears, and an umbrella. i mean i could probably swing […]

My motherhood is…

The inspiration for today’s post can’t go unannounced, one of my most favorite fashionable mama bloggers out there, Jen from Jen loves Kev, has inspired me today to share what “my motherhood is”. I saw this when she first posted it weeks ago and saved the idea in my back pocket. I love the idea of sharing what motherhood is to me, as it will be so very different for each and everyone of us. So today, I share with you, not only our adorable matching outfits, but what motherhood means to me. My motherhood is… …4am wake-up calls to tuck her back into the covers she’s […]