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LFL Demi Lovato


Some of you may have heard the News Flash on Little Miss Mama last weekend, those of you who didn’t…. Y U NO FANS ON FACEBOOK? Sorry, I don’t really think their is ever a “good time” for a Meme, I thought I’d give it all I had. I have a serious girl crush on the ever so gorgeous and oh so inspiring Demi Lovato. Here is another News Flash for you…. I feel the desire to go to Demi more so than Kim Kardashian for Fashion Inspiration. #CrazyEh?! Who would have ever thought?

Today’s Look for Less is more an Inspired Look for Less if you will. A flowing white Skirt, embellished T-Shirt, belted with a tan scalloped Belt and fabulous block-like strapped Heels. I just love this look, an easy wear that is comfortable yet chic. 
I just love this girl…. literally. Demi… Call me! 


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  1. Nice finds. Not that I know who the stylish lady is, but I like the belt!

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