Chanel… I’m sorry!

Distressed….. Previously Owned…. Vintage….

You think?!?!
My goodness whom ever owned this purse treated it worst than Chris Brown did Rhianna, Mel Gibson did Oksana, Tiger Woods did Elin. Treating a piece of Chanel like this should be a crime. My only thought is that the person that owned this bag had far more money  than knew what to do with and thought “I’ll use it as designer waste basket, then when I’m done with it, I’ll sell it online to someone who is dying to get their hands on a piece of Chanel – in any shape”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have toyed with the idea to bid on this “hot mess”, probably my only change at a piece of Chanel to ever grace my shoulders…. I could take it to a cleaners and then do some sort of DIY on it to try and make it look like it’s beautiful self again. 

Oh – how my heart aches at the sight. It helps none seeing that the sellers name is Russel. Who let’s a Chanel Bag get this way? Who? A man… that’s who! Shame on you Russel, shame on you!

PS: Wanna torture yourself some more… see more images here


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