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Have it be a standard swap or a disastrous blow-out it’s fairly safe to say that with a little organization you can concur even the worst of diaper changes with some change table organization. A setup that once worked for us in the past has once again made the worst of diaper changes a total one-parent, one-handed victory. Other than having to change a dirty diaper it all sounds heavenly, am I right?!

Instead of buying an actual change table I opt’d for a dual purpose piece of furniture; a vintage desk with lovely pull handles. I’ll be honest, a change table was not the thought process when I bought this desk over 6 years ago, really the only thing I was thinking was I MUST OWN THIS DESK. Lucky for me when I brought it home it just so happen to fall into place of a change table and not another piece of furniture we didn’t need that I fell in love with. It had ample storage, a large flat surface that would give plenty of room for a change pad plus more and sat at the perfect height for holding down a squirmy baby while prepping a fresh new diaper.   

Changes tables are one of those things that if not planned out properly, can go terribly wrong and trust you me, you want nothing going wrong when you’re changing diapers. My plan was fairly simple but very much strategic, let me tell you about our change table organization; 

Table Top // all things needed to make a one-handed diaper change possible
>> Change pad, mist wipe warmer and jar of baby essentials

Top Drawers // all the diapers one would ever need, day or night
>> Daytime diapers on one side and nighttime diapers with 12hr protection on the other

Bottom Drawers // the less important but still very much needed items
>> Socks, moccs, tights, diaper covers, extra creams, essential oils, diaper pail bags and extra wipes

Space Below
>> Laundry Basket 

Space Beside
>> Diaper Pail

Mist Wipe Warmer by Munchkin

Diaper Pail by Munchkin

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Disclosure:: Thank you to Munchkin for your amazing additions to our change table, I truly believe if Stella could talk she would agree the mist wipe warmer is the bee’s knees. As always all opinions on the blog are my own.



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