Children & Pets. The Perfect Combination.


Okay. Okay. I know what you’re all thinking. Really? A Fish! Can that even count as a pet? The answer; YES!

Sofia Marie named her fish, she feeds her fish, chats to her fish, and when our backs are turned she even attempts to snuggle wish Fishy Meow Meow.  But it isn’t until recently that I truly realized what this sweet combination was capable of. As I am sure many of you pet owners can attest to,  pets just have a way of turning around the worst of days.  From bruising falls, to skipped naps and overtired afternoons, to even the dreaded ill feeling days. Something about the bonds between people and pets that is more than magical.

Although a fish may not be the most cuddly of pets, or even the most caring {feed-me-or-leave-me-alone attitude}, but for right now, it’s what our family can handle, and Sofia Marie loves her Fishy Meow Meow more than I ever thought possible.  I say if you can swing it, buy your children some sort of animal to love and care for, I just know Sofia will be a better person having had a pet in her life.

Do you agree pets can have a longing effect on children? Do you have a pet?



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