Cooking with Tea

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I have always loved cooking with Tea not because I love Tea, well okay maybe half the reason is this, but its really amazing to infuse foods with flavors one never thought to. When you bite into a regular Shortbread Cookie and get a hint of Lavender Earl Grey, you will know exactly what I mean. 

On my old Blog, LahTeaDah, I made these Fabulous Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies that were to die for. Had a blast making them, but better yet I enjoyed devouring them. Of course I shared with with my Mum and Dad… because that’s what I always do when I bake. It just seems right to treat Mama and Papa with anything sweet that comes from the oven. 

I have not baked or cooked with Tea in quite sometime for the simple reason that I don’t bake much these days, with a baby due any day now, I find putting my feet up is more of a priority. Soon this will be a thing of the past and I don’t want to forget what it feels like. I wish I had a post for you about the latest thing I have infused with Tea however because I do not I will search high and low of all the recipes that I will be trying when my schedule gets a little more back to the way it “used to be”… sorta

If any of you try these recipes, please please be sure to let me know and better yet if you post about it please e-mail me the link so I can see, dream and drool. Happy Baking!

Cupcake Project goes into great detail and shows us exactly how to infuse Tea into any/all of your Baking.  This is a MUST READ that I think is just superb information to have always in the pocket of your apron. What a fabulous tip. 

Over at the Paula Deen site I find this, a Peach Tea Cupcake, I then further look into it and find it too is also created, designed and whipped up too by Cupcake Project. Go Figure! This girl must be the real deal when it comes to infusing Tea into Baking. A recipe I will no doubt try once time is a little more on my side and I will no doubt have a posting on the outcome. 

Stumbled across the Becks & Posh Blog and found this fabulous recipe for Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Cookies. They sure do look and sound perfect. A Perfect little biscuit for an afternoon cup of Tea. In between baby naps of course. No doubt I will be making this as well, just add it to the MUST BAKE list, I will get there. One day!

Wow, this one, no doubt, took my breath away. Over at The Island of Dr Gateau I found this amazing Black Tea infused Red Velvet Cake with Black Tea Icing. Wow. Seriously I need to take a second before I continue, this sounds beyond divine. Oh how I wish Sugar, Butter and Flour was my good friend. This is why, the words in moderation is music to my ears. I can because I not over-indulge, yet enjoy each bite, until my next appropriate time. My husband, Sammy will just love this, his heart beats a little faster every time I say Red Velvet. 


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  1. Ooh, the red velvet looks soooo yummy!

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