COOKING: Yogurt Drop Snacks

I am always looking for a healthy snack. I am the biggest snacker you will ever meet… Okay maybe that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration however I do love to munch on things that are really not great for me. I saw this idea and couldn’t help but try it out {sorry I forgot where I originally saw this or else I woulda have given the proper “shout-outs”}. I can say I have made them, eaten them, made them again, eaten them again about a dozen times now. 

This is THE BEST idea when it comes to a Summer Snack. Crunchy, Cold and Smooth… Does it get much better than this. 

No recipe really… just buy your favorite low-fat Yogurt, scoop into a ziplock bag, snip the tip, make dots of yogurtey goodness, freeze and EAT! So easy…. I have tried it with a regular Yogurt and a Greek Yogurt and my tummy prefers the European, just like my eyes! The reasoning behind why I am married to a gorgeous Italian… 


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  1. These look DELICIOUS!! As a fellow snack monster I’m always looking for new healthy snacks. This may end up being the perfect replacement for ice cream snacks 🙂

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