CRAFT: Octo-Roll


I may have saved every single toilet paper roll over the course of a year, and I may need to stop thinking of ideas on what to do with them and start actually doing them. So to start this Sunday off right, I give you our ridiculously adorable Octo-roll’s. Thanks to a few empty toilet paper rolls, some paint, glue, yarn, googly eyes and a black marker we put together these little stinkers last week and they’re just too cute for words.

They hang on the wall above Sofia’s art station and she nearly giggles every time she seems them. Olly and her find the legs are like a lucrative invitation to ruffle and tug on every time they pass. I would say this was one for the books, and by books I mean sharing with you guys so you can start using up all those hopeful empty tp rolls in your house.


I FIGURED you guys didn’t need a step by step on this DIY, that and the fact that my hands were far too messy to be holding a camera is why today you only get a finished product picture.


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