Crazy Kids Playground in Whistler {VLOG}

Crazy Kids Playground in Whistler

SHE ALMOST FLEW OFF; Crazy Kids Playground in Whistler!

We love the kids playground in Whistler, it’s actually a lot of what the girls talk about when we get home. It’s built out of real logs with playground parts, like a slide, ladder, pole and swings, but walking past… it’s more of an art piece, remove the childish screams as you walk by and it could totally pass for that. IT’S GORGEOUS is what I am saying, gorgeous and functional, conveniently located next to a Starbucks, so really it’s a parents dream. Thank you Whistler Canada, nice move!

One of our favorite parts to Whistler Village, besides the Crazy Kids Playground is the tobogganing hill where Stella had her first run ever! Baby’s first sled ride. SERIOUSLY the cutest thing ever, make sure you listen closely at 1:45, Stella tells you exactly what she thinks of the whole tobogganing game. What do you think? She like it?

We also love Ice Skating at the outdoor Ice Rink in Whistler Village. Lucky for us it just opened, literally the day after we arrived (how’s that for timing?). Everyone took to the ice successfully, including Stella in her stroller, I doubt there is anything more festive and Canadian than Ice Skating outside as the snow falls. I mean I guess it could be… we could be drinking Maple Syrup and playing Hockey. Right?!

Our Winter Family Vacation was another successful one! See you again next year Whistler!





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