I cried; can I blame the head cold? {VLOG}

I didn’t have anything to share today, and I wasn’t about to stage anything because we’re not the Kardashians. So instead I went on camera, planning on telling you why I didn’t have a vlog for today and things just started to flow. The next thing you know I’m crying on the way to buy new Bath Towels. You guys, I cried!

Can I blame the head cold? I can totally blame illness on emotions right?! If not that then Motherhood, I know I can blame that with ease. 

Either way, today we got a little real, more real than I even planned. Answering a questions of why I started vlogging is something I maybe should’ve tackled when I wasn’t lacking sleep and getting over a head cold. Duly noted for next time. Sorry guys! But at least you can say our channel is lacking real life honesty. Right? 



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  1. I think your awesome because you are real and amazing and the fact that you wash your towels before you use them. 😘

  2. I think when we blogger types put ourselves “out there,” it can be such a tough balancing act. On the one hand, we want to be honest and real and authentic. On the other hand, we want to provide a positive space on the Internet for our readers, followers, and viewers… and the honest truth isn’t so positive sometimes.

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