Curvy Girl Beach Style

I remember the days that I dreaded going to the beach, I also remember the days that I dreaded summer. A season that called for mostly skin-baring fashion. A season that allowed girls and woman to wear beachwear as everyday wear. These were ensembles I was not comfortable with on the best of days. And now, what I see most, is far too much fear in one little lady than should have ever been.

Fashion is meant to be fun, it’s meant to make us feel good, feel beautiful. It talks for us, without having to speak words. It says who we are, before we show our inner colors. It allows us confidence, and it gives us strength. Why shouldn’t beachwear do the same? It’s fashion is it not? 

All Curvy Girls listen up! 

It’s time to make getting ready for the beach as comforting as curling up on the couch in our sweats. Just far far more fashionable. Find a bathing suit that features your favorite curve, and don’t you dare stop there. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! A sexy cover-up, Sunnies, Hat, Sandals {with a small heel}, Earrings and a Bracelet. Why not? Nobody will judge you for putting yourself together. Am I right? Feel good, look good. 

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