Curvy Girl Necklines that Flatter

A neckline, is a neckline, is a neckline. Untrue. 

A Neckline is important for all women, however in my mind imperative for a women with curves. Is can smooth out the silhouette, enhance the bust and frame and slim the face. Pretty amazing I’d say. So here is my 4 favorite necklines for a women with curves. 

1. The Sweetheart
This neckline is not only fabulous on Curvy Women, lengthening the neck, but it also is on those looking to gain a larger looking bust. 
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2. The Collared V
This neckline both shaves the roundness from you face but also adds a structured detail like the collar that frame the face just perfectly. 
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3. The Deep V
The Deep V Neckline is an easy one. It narrows the face pulling the chin down to cut any roundness in the cheeks and chin. Its pretty much the best option when it comes to the necklines, in my mind. 
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4. The Boat 
The Boat Neck, Neckline it one that is not commonly seen, but when it is, done very well. A square neckline {even with rounded edges like above} can add some chiseled structure to your face, when it doesn’t actually have it. That and some real good foundation shading. 
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  1. I love that dress, what a fun pattern!! I didnt know Forever21 had sizes for curvy women…love these necklines and tips. The sweetheart and V-neck are my fav! 🙂

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