Curvy Girl Skirts that Flatter

Just as the Little Black Dress… the perfect skirt can too have a lasting impression.

A skirt, equally as important as a neckline, can be vital for a women with curves. It shows your assets perfectly and hides your flaw impeccably. So what are my rules when it comes to a perfect skirt? Length, Shape, Pattern, Print and Texture. 

1. Length & Shape

A skirt should hit you between mid-thigh and just above the knee, or just at the knee. Anything higher than that your going to be asking for trouble. I don’t care how Mariah Carey your legs are… showing that much thigh is going to have men asking “how much“. The pencil skirt ladies was made for us. I don’t care who tells you otherwise, these skirts cry for our hips, butt and thighs. So when it comes to your length and shape, let it be longer and fit you like an HB Baby.
Loving this skirt from Dorothy Perkins? Buy it here!

2. Patterns & Prints
Both a busy pattern and a hot print are our very best friends. Like David Copperfield, they play very sneaky tricks not only with your mind but your eyes. Smoothing, Slimming and Hiding anything we don’t particularly lust over…. Thanks to these two friends you can even get away without wearing them with a spanx!
Loving these 2 skirts from Dorothy Perkins? Buy them here and here!

 3. Texture
a ruche, a swag or a pucker is like water to a fish for us curvy women… it’s not a desire but a necessity. It can hide, soften, smooth and sexify all at once. Okay the last one maybe a little overboard, sexifying comes from within, your confidence. With this ladies you can wear and do anything. 
Loving this skirt from Dorothy Perkins? Buy it here

4. Size
Last, but defiantly not least, size. Its a mere number…a rating is the way I like to look at it. The last time I looked 12 was greater than 1. 
Pretty Please ladies, don’t be ashamed or your size, buying a size too small will in hindsight make you look larger than what you really are. Be true to yourself. Like your age, the size on the label is only a number.


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