Curvy Girls Guide to Swimwear

Curvy Girl Swimsuits


It’s not easy finding a swimsuit both flattering and trendy, and this is why I have set out to find us curvy girls some real suits we can swoon over. All that we will be left with contemplating while looking at our reflections, will be “should I buy it in both colors”?

This summer we are seeing a whole lot of style hit the beaches and I cannot wait to be one of the curvy vixens out there soaking up the sun with confidence. However we must start at finding the perfect suit for us. Trends that are hot right now in swimwear are Ruffles, Rushing, Fringe, Prints, Jewel Tones, and Hardware. Us curvy girls can do it all, thanks to a few fabulous designers who create pieces with curvy girls in mind. 

  • A High Waisted Bikini could not be more perfect for us curvy woman. Pulling in our tummy’s, yet still allowing us to show some skin in the areas we are most pleased with. Our waist-line, and our busts. Hallelujah for the curvy girls bikini
  • Ruching, Ruffles, and Fringe, are also very curvy girl friendly. Drawing the eye to areas we like to feature, our chest and face. Wearing a detailed top, bikini or one-piece, will bring less attention to your lower half, drawing the eyes to our beauty above.
  • A Bold Print can do more than catch someone’s eye, it can trick them too. Wearing a print that’s as busy as it is loud will confuse the eye into focusing on anything really, camouflaging any area’s your not comfortable with. 

These are 5 of my favorite trends for swimwear this year. What are some of yours?


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