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Hello everyone, I’m Tamara, and I’m taking over for Tairalyn… definitely cannot replace that girl, but I am however, more than willing to help her out while she is in the happiest place on Earth.

I am Mom to a wonderful, spunky, redhead girl named Evie. I am married to the love of my life, Jason. We are currently expecting our second child, due this October. I was encouraged to start blogging after the birth of my daughter as a way to process all the emotions that come with becoming parents, and to also document everything. You can find my blog over at Discovering Parenthood. It has become an incredible way to get my thoughts out, and keep track of all the memories we have as a family, as well as share about some of the places and things we love. I was honoured to be named the Top Vancouver Mom Blogger of 2014. Tairalyn was my fashion fairy godmother in helping me figure out my outfit for the big celebration evening that went along with that. She helped me figure out my outfit from dress, to shoes, and accessories. I wouldn’t have looked so pulled together without her help.

IMG_5530-1Tairalyn and I connected over 2 years ago, after a local blogger asked for donations of mugs for Canuck Place. From hearing about the need for mugs, Tairalyn planned to go pottery painting with her daughter and mom, and she invited my daughter and I to join her. Ever since we have been trying to plan as many regular play dates, and tea get togethers as possible. We have had many adventures since then that have even caused our daughters to have their own # over on our Instagram accounts. I am very thankful to have Tairalyn as a friend in my life, she has one of the biggest, most caring hearts of anyone I know, and is always there to help out in any way she can.

One of my favourite memories of our little group is from when we headed out to one of the local berry farms. All we wanted was to get some fresh blue berries, we had actually been earlier in the season but had only had our fill of raspberries and strawberries. The morning that we were supposed to go it was raining, not just a light drizzle, we are talking torrential downpour, soak you to the core type of rain. I remember my phone buzzing very early in the morning and all it said was “We’re game if you two are game?”. So off we went with raincoats, and rain boots on to get our blue berries. Sofia, and Evie had a great time riding on the school bus to the blueberry field, and then running up and down the row we’d been given to pick from. Our girls even dared to venture into another area that had been crossed off with red tape. The fits of giggles, and large smiles on their face, made being wet and cold so worth it. Our baskets were full of the best blue berries around, the tummies of our two girls were full from the berries they had snuck off the bushes and eaten, and our hearts were full from such a fun day.

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Feel free to connect with Tamara on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She is truly one of the most amazing people I know with a heart of gold, a infectious smile, and brows that are always on point (seriously, her eye brows are dream-worthy). I’m sure you’ll love her and her family as much as Sofia and I do.


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