Disney Details (where we’re staying and rentals)

This always seems to be a post that readers who travel, and especially those with children, request; Do you mind telling us all the details of your trip?! Do I mind? Goodness NO! I’d love too!

I totally get it, it’s nice to learn of new cities to visit, places to stay, and rental companies worthy of our hard earned money. I’m not one to disapoint, so why start now right… here you have it, all our details thus far for where we’re staying, how we’re getting around and what we’ve rented to make our lives traveling with a baby much much easier.

If you have any more specific questions about our family vacation, reach out, I’d love to help.  


First things first our Home Rental;

We were spoiled the first time we traveled to Disneyland and now there’s no way things will ever change when visiting California again; we will forever book with Anaheim Vacation Homes. The perks to traveling as a mini mob, ourselves and my parents and sometimes more, it makes renting a home like this actually cheaper than renting a hotel suite near the park. Check out our post about the home the last time we visited, but not much has changed when it comes to it’s greatness. It’s still amazing, still only 3/4 mile from Disneyland, still has a private pool and games room, still has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, it’s still FREAKIN’ perfect!

Anaheim Vacation Homes // Website 
Promo Codes: LMM25 to get $25 off a night with a home rental or; LMM10 to get $10 off a night with a condo rental
EDIT: Since our last stay in this unit I am sad to report that I don’t think we will be staying there again. The house has been lived in (but of course with how many vacationers have been through), and it’s really starting to show. Still a lovely location being so close to the park but the wear on the home is really present and we just feel there are better options out there. 


Second thing is our Car Rental;

We’re traveling as a pack of 10, of which 4 are children needing car seats (yes we’ve got ear plugs!). We had only one request when it came to our car rental and that is that we find something that fits us all. We wanted to avoid double charges to park at Disneyland, avoid loosing each other on the I5 and of course for the kids, who want so badly to travel all together, always. We hunted out a few places, but things narrowed down quite quickly after reading reviews on Facebook and Trip Advisor. We booked with OC Van Rental and they have been amazing. We booked their 12 passenger Ford Transit Luxury Edition stocked with AC, TV, DVD and Navigation, all things the entire family will love and appreciate while being stuck in a car with 4 children. Their customer service has been incredible and only hope it will continue as we arrive and receive the van for our stay!

Orange County Van Rental // Website 


Third (and final thing) is our Baby Gear Rentals;

To pack all the baby gear or not to pack all the baby gear, that is the questions. Families who travel know that it’s not just as simple as packing a suitcase full of clothing and rushing off to the airport. Oh no, it’s so much more than that when you travel with children. It’s sleeping essentials (like cribs, monitors, sound machines), it’s car seats, it’s highchairs, carriers and strollers! Seriously the list could go on, however I would hate to think this ever stopped anyone from traveling with their babies; the best trips Sammy and I have taken are with our littles. We used to pack “all the baby things”, not anymore. Insert Traveling Baby! 

Traveling Baby // Website 
Traveling Baby delivers all over the USA including Seattle, Florida, New York, Hawaii and Nevada. Check out here for their list of delivery locations. 

How wonderful is a company dedicated to making traveling parents lives EASIER. You rent what you need, they deliver it when and to where you want it (hotel, home, condo). It’s pure genuineness and I for one was all about it; saves me from lugging car seats and strollers around from airport to airport and also the chance of our gear getting damaged in the process. Traveling Baby has everything under the sun to rent when it comes to traveling with babies and children, from cribs and beds, to strollers, car seats, baby monitors, bottle warmers, exersaucers, bikes, baths and toys. I can’t tell you the load of stress that it takes off me knowing that when we arrive all our needed baby gear will be waiting at the house for us. 

DON’T FORGET to follow along in our travels via social media using #LittleMissMamaTravels and more specifically #TheCiullasDoDisneyland. I will be posting pictures now and into our trip live, because I’d miss you all too much if I didn’t. 



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