Disney gone Chic

People all around the world seem to have their panties in a knot about the most recent collaboration between Disney and Barney’s New York. Taking 3 well know Disney Characters; Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy, giving them an ultra chic make-over, including thinning them out. Now I highly doubt it’s their attire people are peeved with, I’m almost sure that it’s the thin persona they gave the well known children’s characters. 

I don’t doubt a grand majority of these “people” who are right ticked off are mothers…. the question is, am I apart of this group that has started a petition against the Chic Christmas Display in New York….

No! Actually I giggle a little at the fact they have blown this to such a unworldly proportion. Don’t get me wrong, I stand proud and tall behind owning who we are, as we look, with the body we were given. Young girls look to their mothers for guidance, support, and love, that is what we are here for, to nurture them. Giving them enough encouragement that will lead our babies to grow up to be strong, confident and individual human beings. Happy with all they have and inspired to dream big. I truly believe that if we focus less on how horrible society can and will always be, and more on building our babies up with a strong self-assurance that they are beautiful the way they are, then we can enjoy what wild and chic collaborations the world has in store for us. 

Let us all be reminded that the word beauty if far more than what meets the eye. Confidence, Intellect, Kindness…. this is all beautiful. Be sure when you are building your babies up to be these compassionate, radiant, and  clever people that you not only focus of their appearance but what they offer the world within. I tell Sofia Marie everyday that she is beautiful, her eyes, her sweet curls, her adorable little fingers and toes, but I also remind her how much she makes me laugh, how incredibly intelligent she is, and how proud I am of the way she treats others with kindness. 

Have you complimented your babies today?  


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  1. I compliment my son every day. He gets so many compliments I”m surprised his head fits through the door. I think it’s so important to build self-esteem and confidence in our children. I love these cartoons and how they changed it up a bit. People need to get their panties out of a knot. This is fun and a good way for kids to see variety and for them to see how adults use their imaginations to change things up a bit. People need to really relax. We have taken things too far and it’s time we had more fun with things. Like you said above, it’s up to us PARENTS to instill good values in our children, not the media or advertisements. Great blog post.



  2. I compliment my babies everyday. Growing up I never got a compliment from my mom… ever. And it seriously affected me 🙁 I try to encourage my children the best I can.
    As for the disney characters I have to giggle at them as well and I agree that they are blowing it way out of proportion. Its not like our kids are watching this characters on tv, they are a creation of Barney’s and probably only seen in their stores.

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