DIY Bedroom Enchanted Forest Friends

{I love this photo…Sammy in the background giving Lynx some lovin’ – so sweet – he is practicing for when Sofia arrives – he is going to be such a good daddy}
So as you may remember a few weeks ago I went to my local vintage shop to see what I could find for unloved ceramic figurines. I pretty much hit the Jackpot…Found a sweet little Frog {$3}, two wee little Owls on a log {$2} and a magical grand-father clock {$5}. I have this vision for Sofia’s Nursery. The idea is Enchanted Forest Tea Party, with sweet little forest animals and of course Vintage Teacups. 

I decided to spray them in an antique white, the same color as her furniture. I want them to blend into the scenery, however once she takes a real good look she will see them and feel like she is being looked over and know she is always safe. Sofia’s imagination, assuming she will get it from me, will be very very wild and I know she will have many many hours of fun in her room, Playing, Dreaming and of course hosting Tea Parties.

After we scrubbed the animals clean and brought them outside to the garage for a little spray paint lovin’. They all got about 3 or 4 coats depending on what was needed. Letting them dry overnight after each coat. We had to be very very light on the sprays as I didn’t want to see any drips or drops on them. So lots of thin layers was the best approach. I felt it was anyways. 

I had 2 frames that Sammy and I has in our room from Pier 1 Imports. They were hot pink, and had a beautiful filigree design on their face that I thought would add a nice touch to the room so I too threw those in the line as you can see above. I’m guessing a shot of Sofia and Daddy and Sofia and Mommy will fit in them just fabulously. 

Now that they have made their way into Sofia’s Bedroom we wait for more furniture before we start placing them in their humble spots in the forest. Once we get our Rocking Chair, Crib Linen and Closet Doors I think I will really start to get decorating. Once I get this done I will gladly post some photos of her room complete. But as for now you will have to wait in suspense. 


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